Sunday, August 02, 2009


We are in UT! I am so excited for our month long adventure away from NY! I was more than ready to get out of there for awhile. When we were driving down I-15, I couldn't believe how vast and open and clean everything was. During that drive, I also realized that I do not really miss UT. I most definitely miss our friends and family that are here in UT, but I am not really missing living here. And MacKay is super awesome!!! He may or may not be standing here next to me reading this! ;)

We took the Subway to the airport and it took 2 hours!!! Our honest to goodness deciding factor in this was that we could use the money we saved in not taking a cab to get more Cafe Rio meals. It was definitely worth it. While it took a long time, the kids were happy and we packed awesomely, so it wasn't much of a hassle.

Our flight was actually quite uneventful, which was very nice. We took a chance and didn't bring any car seats on the flight with us, not even for Asher. It made for much easier walking through the airport. It took Asher awhile to fall asleep with all that freedom, but he eventually did. Sayer fell asleep about and hour and a half or so into the flight with me holding him. After awhile I transferred him to the floor and he slept perfectly until we landed, then he woke up.

The kids have been loving playing in the yard and with skeeter the dog as well as discovering lots of things around the house that I am sure Rebecca and MacKay would rather they didn't touch. Sorry guys. Anyway... I think we are headed out on Tuesday morning for Spokane, but we will be back in UT at the end of the month.

I'll probably try to blog along the way a little so that I am not overwhelmed to catch up when we get back.