Friday, September 23, 2011

This morning...

~  Helped Asher with homework for 45 minutes. That's on top of the 45+ minutes that we spent last night on it.  Ridiculous.  After the first 40 with him, I had to tag-team out with Nate.  He finished the rest in 2 minutes.  That right there tells you how unproductive kids will be when you start losing your patience.

~  While wiping Sayer's bum (I know, such a glamorous life), he says: "Mom! I did a huge poopy..." he then proceeds to raise his right arm and point behind him to the toilet and says "TA-DAAAAA!!!!" in a sing-songy voice no less.  That kid is so awesome.

~  Bribed Asher with an oreo cookie to get him to answer some questions about his weekly poem for school... at 7:00 am.  Yes, I have become that mother.  Please don't judge me.  It was not a proud moment.

~  Asher, after saying family prayer this morning: "Now I have 3 blessings in my body!"  Yes you do, sweet boy.  And more.  **A sidenote on this for my own documentation... last week, Asher was in a phase where he would not say prayers... "I have enough blessings in my body!" he would say... Then Nate and I had a very nice talk with him about how Heavenly Father wants us to talk to Him, and how He wants to hear all about our day, and how it makes Him so happy, plus a few other things, and ever since then, he has been saying the prayer all by himself. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Real time pictures

So clearly I have been busy.  I am pretty much caught up on the blog which I am super happy about.  I still have to gather some pictures from Nate's camera, but we are pretty much there.  I just got the blogging bug last night and then this morning kept going.  Sorry for the over load on your google readers.  The boys were looking at the blogs this morning (so yes, these pictures are actually from TODAY) and Sayer thought the one of them swaddled was so funny and he wanted to do it again.  So we did.  

Asher didn't have school yesterday or today, so he wanted in on the fun too.

Then I thought it would be fun to add Barty in the mix too... he was not happy about it.

He lasted about 10 seconds before he made his way out of the swaddle

Looking at the blanket in disgust.

Broadway Presbyterian Street Fair

Asher's preschool does a street every Spring.  I was on the fundraising committee, so I did the bake sale table decor.  It was pretty last minute but I wanted it to look at least semi-cute.  The whole fair was a success and lots of fun for the kids.

Trip to CA

Back in May I went to CA to visit my new niece Pepper.  That is where I took the plunge and chopped my hair off. :)  
 Little baby Pepper does not look like this anymore.  She is now an adorable chubby little thing.  I can't wait to see her in... 3 months?  :(
 Also while in CA, I got to see my parents house that they have been building for-e-ver.  It was pretty much finished, but they were still waiting for approval to officially move in.  This house has been my mom's baby for years.  She derives great pleasure from talking to anyone who will listen about the minute details of this house... from the light fixtures to the crown molding to the tile designs she used in each bathroom.  Oh mother.  We love you for it! :)  Seriously though, my parents (mom especially) did such an amazing job designing this house.  It is going to be a fantastic place to visit with the kids now that there is so much more space.  We are having the inaugural Christmas this year, and it promises to be an absolute blast!!  Can't wait.
The living room.

Entry way looking into the family room

The beautiful staircase

The emblem.  This actually cracks me up.  It is so fancy, it looks like it belongs in the lobby of a ritzy hotel.  But no, it's in our entry way.  Ha!  Love it.

The kids closet.  My mom is going to put a light and books in here for a little play place for the kids.  They will love it.

My mom finally got her dream kitchen.

They re-finished our table, chairs and hutch.  They look like different pieces of furniture all together!

Lexy sitting in the spacious family room

The second floor landing.  Fancy iron work.

More of the kitchen

The butlers pantry that leads into the dining room.  I think this is one of the coolest rooms.  So great for entertaining!

and of course the doggy door

My proud mother standing in the doorway of their office.
 Nice job mom!  Can't wait to visit in December!!!!

More silly boys

And this is our awesome pleather couch... of course it has a seam right down the front and center.  It started as just a tiny little hole, but with these crazies, it wasn't long before it looked like this.  We'll probably have to get a slipcover or something.

Cookies and music with friends

This was the weekend of Hurricane Irene, so we were all pretty much stuck inside.  But thankfully we live in the same building with good friends and our other good friends (who have since moved away :( ) lived just a couple blocks away, so we got together for cookies and visiting.  Nate's brother Andy and his wife were in town (I know, terrible time to visit NY) so they played a little for us.  It was a great night, and kind of our last hurrah with the Becks (our friends who moved). Thanks for hosting Palmers and we miss you Becks!!!
Chase, James, Sayer and Jackson.  Asher was already in bed.  It made it a much less hectic evening. ;)

Saturday in Central Park

This was a few weeks ago, and I think, is at the top of my list of favorite NYC days.  We started out at the Central Park Zoo, which to be honest is just ok.  But the Children's Zoo is really cute and fun for the kids.  After the zoo we headed to that same park with the huge long slide.  After prying the kids away from the slide, we started walking home and stopped and sat on a bench while the boys climbed rocks and Barty charmed everyone who walked by.  It was a perfectly beautiful day, the park was beautiful (as always) and everybody in our little family just had a great time.  You can't beat that.
Victoria Gardens.... a little amusement park that is open in the summers at the south east end of the park.  It's expensive.


Oops. He got his foot stuck.

Barty had so much fun running around and climbing everything he possibly could

I love this picture!

I love this picture of Bart mid-run

Brother time in the egg

Seal show at the zoo

Random Elmo sighting.

A boy's heaven... huge rocks to climb

Barty loves pushing around the scooter.  He is starting to actually ride it and it's pretty awesome.

I love Central Park.  It really is an amazing place.  Sometimes I still can't believe that we live in this amazing city.