Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My friend Hannah is having a fun pie kit giveaway on her blog Sherbet Blossom Studio. Her blog is so fun... talking about fashions, decor, cooking, baking, lots of hand bags and shoes and also a little bit of photography. Such a fun blog. Check it out! Oh yeah, and she is also a graphic designer, she did my blog design, and would LOVE to do more!!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

10 months...

Sayer is now 10 months. For all of Sayer's sweet and sensitive nature, he has got quite the attitude. It has been coming out a bit lately, and I think it is hilarious. I may not think so when he starts walking and talking and throwing tantrums, but for now, it's pretty cute.
Sayer is very big on cuddling. He is becoming increasingly attached to me, which I'm not too sure about... as long as he is good to stay with a babysitter, it's all good. He loves to cuddle, and when Asher tries to intrude on our cuddle time, he will literally push Asher away. He is not afraid to "speak" his mind. He gets furious when Asher or I take something away from him. A few weeks ago, he was playing with a twisty-tie from a bag of bread... well I intervened and he was ticked. He dramatically threw himself to the floor, repeatedly slammed his legs down onto the floor, and threw a full on tantrum. I have never seen such a little baby throw such tantrum. I admit that I thought it was hilarious.

Sayer is very musically inclined. Whenever he hears music or singing, he will automatically start dancing, or in other words, bouncing up and down. It is so cute. Today Nate was clapping for him, and he got SOO happy. So we think he is going to love the stage. We only wonder what instrument he is going to want to play. We are pretty sure we are going to get Asher a mini guitar... he is obsessed. He does really well with it too. He is not rough with it, he will just sit and hold it nicely and strum away. I think he would be content to sit and do that forever.

Sayer loves to play with toys... not baby toys, but cars and trains, and all those big boy toys. I love it when he will entertain himself for awhile, going from room to room, finding things to play with. He does this frequently and will usually keep it up until Asher eventually pushes him or takes a toy from him... does something that ultimately ends with Sayer in dramatic tears. He is getting tougher though. I try not to give him attention when he has a minor bump or fall, and he has started to not cry as much after them.

Probably the funnest thing about Sayer is his crawling. He is such a deliberate crawler. I don't know how else to describe it. He is just so fast, and so precise with his hand/knee placement. It's like he's a perfect crawler. It is just so funny to watch. All I know is that this kid is going to be a riot. He has so much personality. Along with that though, I imagine will come his fierce little temper that we get glimpses of every once in a while. It is very different from how Asher ever was. But something tells me that he will be just as challenging. Fabulous.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I think Sayer's first word is "Asher". We noticed him saying "A-der" a lot, and when we would repeat "Asher", he would say it again. It makes sense if you think about it... why wouldn't "Asher" be his first word when that is what he hears being said all day long... "Asher, don't do that", "Asher, that was naughty", "Asher sit down and eat your food", "Asher, it's time to go to bed"... and on and on and on. It's pretty precious. We will have to try and get it on video sometime so we can get a second opinion.

Celebrity sighting... in Sacrament meeting??

Today was our first day back in the Lincoln Square Chapel, which was so great. It's so much easier to get to and is so much nicer. Not to mention that it is all on one floor instead of spread out over 3 or 4 floors. Anyway... guess who was in Sacrament meeting today???


No guesses??

Ok, since the suspense is just killing you, I'm sure, I will just tell you...

Ace Young from American Idol. 

He has been playing the part of Kinicke in the Broadway production of Grease, which closes today. The girl he was with bore her testimony, and she said she was an actor and the show she has been in for the past 2 years was closing today, so I imagine that is how she knows him. Not that I talked to him. I was never a big fan of Ace myself. He past right by me while I was putting things in the stroller, so I got a good look at him... in real life he is pretty short and skinny. His muscles are super cut, and he has a TINY waist.  I guess that's the look they go for. Regardless of my lack of support for him on A.I., it was cool to see him in our Sacrament meeting. I couldn't help wondering what he was thinking about it.

Oh yeah, and Nate thinks that I should mention that Marlin K. Jenson from the Quorum of the Seventy and Richard Bushman, author of Rough Stone Rolling, were also in our ward today.  Richard Bushman is actually in our ward, which is cool.

Together at last

This is their first night together. Asher was so excited to have Sayer sleeping in his room. He is so cute, he knows he needs to "be very quiet" when Sayer is already sleeping. What a good big brother.

I have finally made the huge leap of putting Asher and Sayer in the same room to sleep at night. I have been so nervous to do this as Sayer usually doesn't sleep well when he is sick and/or teething. But he has been sleeping pretty solidly for the past few weeks, so I decided to try it out and see how it went. Well, to my surprise, things have been going great. Sayer has been sleeping better than ever, and so far, neither of the boys have woken each other up, which is very surprising to me. Usually one of them wakes up first in the morning, but they never wake up the other one, which is fabulous. I think Sayer likes his new crib better than the pack & play, as it is more comfy and spacious. For all I know, he could still be waking up and talking, but neither of them are crying out, so it doesn't bother me. I have been sleeping so much better as a result. Now I remember why I NEVER had Asher (or Sayer, until we moved here) sleep in our room. Kids know when you are in a room with them, and they will milk it for all it's worth. I think I will finally start to get caught up on my sleep now, which is fabulous, and much needed.

Sometimes they laugh and talk to each other. It's pretty cute. We've had one relatively bad night where they both kept each other up for a while, and it made Sayer cranky, but to make up for it, he slept until almost 9 am. Thank heaven for good sleepers!! Plus, doesn't he look so cute in his big crib? He gets so excited whenever you put him in there.