Friday, July 31, 2009

Who does that???

Today was laundry day. I went to pick up my dry clothes from the basement and was folding them down there, and I all of the sudden realized that my white sweater that I had hung up to dry was gone!! Someone STOLE my sweater! Who does that? Who steals a wet sweater that is clearly hanging up to dry (we often have people leave piles of clothes that are up for grabs... gross, but mine was wet, hanging very far away from that pile) from someone in their own building. Did the person just look at it and think, hmmm, that looks like it will fit me... I need a white sweater... I think I am going to take this. Seriously. I was so ticked. It's not like it was a really expensive sweater, but it was one of MY nicer sweaters, and I just bought it like a month ago. I very rarely buy clothes for myself, and when I do, I agonize over what I should buy and if I should spend the money. So to have it stolen after all that, just really makes me mad, and sad. And I remember when I got it out of the wash, I had been so excited that a particular stain had come out of it.  I guess it really is my fault.  I should have brought it home to dry.  But I have never had a problem before, and I know so many of the people in our building... it just seems like such a stupid thing to do.

Anyway... sorry, I just needed to vent. I really am going to miss that sweater.  If I see some chick in my building wearing it, I am going to say something.  She won't be able to deny it either, because only people in UT or Mormons buy Shade Clothing sweaters, and there is only one other member family in our building.  Ok, so maybe I won't have the guts to say anything, but I will have the satisfaction of knowing that she is a fool... and a thief!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Asher and his BFF Peter...

Aren't they cute?!

Run for Central Park

I know, I know... I know what you're thinking... I look totally hot! You don't have to tell me! ;)
I did my first race in the city this last Saturday. It was just a little 4 miler, but it was still a lot of fun. It was called the Run for Central Park. It was a little hot and bright, but overall was a good race. I reached my goal, which was to finish under 36 minutes, so that was enough for me. It was a nice initiatory race, and I hope there will be many many more!

Water Park: Museum of Natural History

Last Tuesday our ward playgroup went to the water park at the Museum of Natural History. I didn't even know it existed until one of the moms suggested we go there. It was so fun, and both kids had a blast. It is just a little area outside of the museum, that is free, and has a huge area with water squirting up from the ground. It is kind of on a slant, so all the water goes down to this drain, and forms a little pool where the kids can splash and play. Asher and Lucas discovered that they really like each other, and played so well together. Here they are sharing Lucas' snacks. 
Asher is not shy about asking for people's food. It was also such a fast and easy trip on the subway... we will definitely have to go back sometime.

Trader Joe's and Asher

So a couple weeks ago, Nate decided that he wanted to go to Trader Joe's in Union Square. So we decided to all go. What we at first thought would be a quick trip to Trader Joe's, ended up being an outing that took almost half the day. It was a little ridiculous, but we still had a good time. We walked through the open-air market there, and Asher got to see bees working in their little beehive, making honey. I spotted a Taco Bell, and decided that we had to eat lunch there. I haven't seen one since we moved out here, and I love me some Taco Bell. I think that was the funnest part. I mean, how could this not make you smile...
I can't get over how cute and little he looks, with his little legs dangling off the chair


As I said before, Asher has a special gift for making friends. Well, he won over the truck driver at the construction site a block away from our house... he let him sit in the driver's seat and pull the cord for the horn. He loved it of course.
While waiting for the subway on the way down to Union Square, Asher was enthralled with this guy playing the... can't remember what it's called. Nate will tell me after he reads this post. So he let him sit on his lap and help him play. So sweet.

Then when we got to the open air market, he found this guy and won him over as well.  He's got a gift I tell you.  At church 2 weeks ago, a guy in our ward came up to me and said "Asher really is not shy at all, is he?"  Um, no.  He asked if there was something special that I did to help him be like that.  I wish I could take credit for it, but this boy just loves life.  There are definitely times that I wish I could turn it off for a little while, because man, is it tiring.  But Nate and I both really love that he is so passionate and happy, and loves to see and touch things, and learn things, and meet people.  He really is the sweetest little guy, once you see past his crazy energy.  I wouldn't change him for the world, and I hope he always has the same zest for life as he does now!!

Bryant Park

The kids and I FINALLY made it to Bryant Park a couple weeks ago. I have been wanting to go there sine we moved here, but we have to take the subway and I couldn't do it by myself. But since I got my Ergo, I have been able to take the kids on the subway by myself, and it's like a whole new world for me!! ;)

I really liked Bryant Park... it was so quaint and pretty. There was a nice big grass area where Asher could run free (as long as he dodged all the people sitting on the grass) to his little heart's desire. Asher has a gift for making friends, he seems to make them wherever he goes, and this trip was no exception. There was a family there with 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl who was about 15 or so, they were wrestling, and Asher thought that that was as good as an invitation to join them. They were so nice to let him play and pretend to get tackled by him. He had a ball.
When we first got there he spotted the carousel and insisted on riding it. Of course I didn't have any cash (I never have cash. Until I do, I don't think I can be considered a true new yorker), so I had to find an atm to use. Once we finally got on the ride and it started, he got scared and wanted to get off. So typical. I said "no way buddy, you are riding this thing the whole time after all that". He managed ok, but Sayer did not. He wanted off the horse before he sat down on it. 
Poor Sayer 

4th of July

We had a fun fourth of July... a few weeks ago! The first half of the day, my neighbor Debbie and I took the boys to the gardens at St. John the Divine cathedral. It was so simple, with just a fountain and some steps, but it kept them very entertained for almost an hour. After that we stopped at Artopolis to get some gelato... YUM! 

For dinner we met a few families at Riverside Park, right above Grant's Tomb. There is a fun little playground there and a nice big grassy area, so the kids had fun running around and wearing themselves out. Asher was introduced to a frisbee and it was love at first sight. We had yummy food and had great conversation. It was a great night!
Asher and Reuben

Sayer getting fed by Carly (I think, maybe Kierstin? They look a lot alike!)
Sayer has spotted the cake, and thinks it looks good
Sayer, after he tried to grab the cake and Nate said "no" He was NOT very happy. He almost kicked the cake. But don't worry, it came out undamaged.  It looks a little sad and lopsided in these pictures.  I blame the heat making the cream melty.  :)

The saddest part about our 4th was that we didn't see a single firework! :(  Sad, considering that NYC supposedly has the best fireworks show in the country.  Oh well.  Next year I think the kids will be ready to stay up and see them.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!!

This morning Asher sang to me, it was really sweet. Nate brought home daisies wrapped in paper (just like in you've got mail) when he came home for lunch, and he and Asher sang to me again! Nate was excited to give me my presents, so he gave them to me last night... A really nice umbrella, an apple peeler, a new charger for my shuffle (the last 2 he actually gave me a few days ago) and THEN... Pushing Daisies season 1 and Pride and Prejudice (colin firth/the better version). It made me very happy. If he only got me chick flicks and flowers for all of my birthdays, I would be a happy girl. Anyway... tonight we are going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant we saw last time we were in Williamsburg. It has a very nice ambiance. I will post pictures sometime in the near future. Until then, any and all birthday wishes will be welcome!! ;)

Thursday, July 09, 2009


*Took the kids to a puppet show at Morningside Park. NYC version of Sleeping Beauty.
It was really cute and actually quite funny. I was pleasantly surprised how well Asher and Sayer both sat through it. They lasted about 45 minutes before Asher wanted to get up and play basketball... not bad.  On the way to the park, we saw a movie shoot around the corner from our house.

*I was checking my email and looked up to see Asher wearing my thera band, his shirt, and nothing else. I about died laughing! Such a funny kid.

*Went to the park after the kids' naps. Saw the nanny of a family that used to be in our building. We haven't seen each other in about 6 months or so. After we said hi, the first thing she says to me is "wow, you have lost many pounds!!" (she is hispanic, so her english is choppy) Geez, did I really look that big?? I think she really did mean well, it just came out sounding a little harsh. 

*Made the kids a really nice, yummy, healthy dinner, of which they ate none of. Why do I bother? I sent them both to bed without dinner. Hopefully they will get the message that if you don't eat what mom made, you don't eat at all!

*Went on a bike ride through Central Park. I heart Central Park!! It was the most beautiful weather, and there were so many people out exercising and enjoying the perfect weather. People watching is so much better when you are riding a bike, because you get to see so many more than when you are just walking or running. When I left my apartment at 7pm, there was a couple full on yelling at each other, and when I came back at 8pm, they were still there going at it. The saddest part was that they had their little baby in the stroller with them. This kind of thing always happens in NY. I don't understand why people don't just go up to their apartment and have their fights in the privacy of their own home. On another note, I don't think that my butt was made for bike riding. What's the secret people? Does the pain just go away one day? I'm wearing padded shorts and everything. I'm gonna be tough and stick it out for the sake of my triathlon, but I'm not gonna lie... it's rough!

Overall, it was a really nice day!!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Jack-A** at the park


We just got back from the park. It was a nice time. What? You're wondering about the title to this post? Well, since you asked...

So I am the first to admit that Asher is a "passionate" kid. He takes playing and toys very seriously, and we have been working really hard on him sharing, and more specifically, not taking toys from people without asking. He's getting there. Although I don't think he is quite grasping the part where you actually wait for an answer, and then abide by what the other kid has said. But we are taking it one day at a time. So, it seems pretty common knowledge, that if you bring toys to the park, kids are going to play with them. I think most people understand this and couldn't care less if another child plays with their child's toys, as long as 1) their kid isn't playing with it, and doesn't want to play with it, and 2) they eventually get it back. I understand this, and am totally fine when kids come to play with our toys, just as most other parents are.

Ok, so we are at this park, right? Asher sees this bat that no one is playing with, so he picks it up and hits his tennis ball with it. I see the dad start coming over asking for the bat back, rather rudely I might add. I was right by Asher, so I took it from him and gave it back to the dad (whose kids by the way, are obliviously playing with cars and chalk... they don't want the bat). Even though I thought he was kind of a stingy jerk, I was like, whatever. So we start playing again. I am standing with Sayer and Asher sees a ball that no one is playing with, so he picks it up to play with it. All of the sudden, this dad gets up and says something like "hey, give me that ball", so Asher, naturally, starts to make a run for it with the ball. Seeing this, I start going over to Asher to retrieve the ball for this jerk-o. But no, the dad starts running after Asher, grabs his arm, makes him fall to the ground, takes the ball away from the now crying Asher, and says while walking away, "well, don't take our stuff." 


I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ticked. Especially since it was very clear that I was on my way to intervene. There is nothing I hate more than other parents disciplining my child for me. I can take care of it, thanks. I mean, I would expect this from another kid, but not a grown man. I am not one to fight Asher's battles for him... with other kids that is. But ooooh, you give me a grown man/woman that is being nasty to my kid... Unfortunately, I was SEETHING so I couldn't come up with anything to say to him. I just swooped Asher up, gave the man the nastiest face I could muster up, and walked to the grassy area where our stroller and blanket were set up. Ugh, I was seriously disgusted. I was so mad that I called him a jack-a**! And I am not one to swear. Of course it was under my breath and he couldn't hear it, but I wish he could have. 

I went back to our blanket and sat there while the kids were eating lunch, thinking of all the things that I could have/should have said to him. Then I thought, "am I being Christ like?" "What would Jesus do in this situation?" But then I thought, you know what, I bet He would have said something like {in His most sincere and loving, non-judgmental voice} "I am so sorry, it's my fault. I honestly didn't think that a 45 year old man would have trouble sharing with a 3 year old". He is, after all, very protective of His little children... even if they are still learning how to share. ;)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

The morning off

This morning my alarm went off at 6:30. Nate asked me if I was going running and I said yes. He said: "so I was thinking that you should have the morning off... so do you want to sleep in and go running later?" I said "that would be wonderful" and rolled over and went back to sleep! Isn't that so sweet? For no reason at all!! Ok, so I may or may not have been in a bad mood last night because the kids were driving me batty, and it was still an hour 'til bedtime, but still!! So I slept soundly until 9:00, at which time I got my running clothes on, went and said hello to the kiddies, and headed out the door. After my run, I stayed in riverside park and stretched for a long time. It was overcast and breezy, so it felt so nice after my run. This was a serious treat, because usually I have to hurry home to do my stretching, where my kids proceed to climb all over me, and pull me away to do this or that, and an hour later, I am finally finishing up my last stretch. {I do go a little crazy with my stretching, but ever since I hurt my knee, I have been a little paranoid, so I make sure I stretch really well} So after my nice stretch, I walked home, took a nice long cold shower {my new favorite thing! I am starting to take quick cold showers before going to bed, because I sleep SO much better. It is so humid here, that by the end of the day I feel very sticky, and that just doesn't feel good when you are trying to fall asleep} got dressed and then walked to the grocery store to pick up some delicious lunch items for my sweet hubby, because he definitely deserved it! By the time I got home, they were back from the park, and I was happy to see them. I gave them the rest of their lunch, put them to bed, and then made a yummy lunch for me and Nate. Now it is quiet for a little while, and I am writing this blog post. I don't know about you, but having the morning off every once in awhile makes a HUGE difference. It's such a small thing, and even though I feel like I was still productive, just not having to have the kids with me for a few hours, during a time when I usually do have them around me, felt so nice. Thank you Nate for being sensitive to how I was feeling, and knowing just what I needed... and then giving it to me!! You're the BEST and I love you! :)