Saturday, September 15, 2012

A post. With thoughts (not deep ones) and news.

Well, it's been awhile.  It's funny, cuz I started this blog as a way to keep my friends and family updates on our lives, mostly our growing children and the things we do with them... you know, scrapbook worthy activities.  But, it's those kinds of things that are just so not fun to blog about.  No one really cares about them but me, and I really only want to document for our benefit, and they are always such tedious posts to write, what with all the pictures I have to upload, etc.  So it is the very reason that I started this blog, that keeps me from blogging.  Does that even make sense?  But I love to write blog posts where I just blabber on about whatever is on my mind, or things that are actually fun and exciting in our lives. I need to do that more.  Just cuz it's fun, and not necessarily because people actually like to read these posts. ;)

So here we go.

First off, I'm pregnant. Olson baby number four is on it's way and will arrive in early/mid March.  Yep, there it is.  We will have four kids in NYC.  At least this time around, we have several large closets and even an office to choose from for it's sleeping arrangements.  This, is fabulous news!  The other good news is that we are one of 5 families in our ward expecting their 4th child, and there are already three families that currently have four children in the ward, so it helps me feel less crazy.  Although, I'm sure I will still be made to feel insane plenty... I can just see myself juggling the three crazies on the subway, me large with child, and people thinking, "lady, what do you think you are doing?!  You can't even keep these kids under control, how are you going to manage another one?!!!"  They will think I am a menace to society.  It will either be that scenario, or I will get the occasional, "God bless you!!" comments, which totally make my day.  I've even gotten a few, "I think you are amazing" comments, which make me feel just that.  Those are the good people.  The other ones are just cranky New Yorkers who think they are the only ones that have the right to ride the subway.  Kids, to them are the scum of society.

Anyway, we're very excited, if not a little bit nervous.  We're excited to find out what gender the little munchkin will be.  Probably in the beginning of October.  Everyone keeps asking if I am hoping for a girl.  It's a tough question actually.  A girl would be fun.  Different.  It would take some time to wrap my brain around having a girl.  I think I might be too mean to mother a sweet, innocent little girl.  I'm a boy mom, and part of me kinda wants to keep it that way.  I don't know why.  Boys are fun.  I know I make cute ones, as well as crazy ones, but mostly they are adorable and hilarious.  I think it would be great to have four boys.  But, there is that part of me that will always want a little girl.  So whether it's this time, or next time (which will probably be the last), I would ultimately love that.  But, I am completely fine having all boys.  I have resigned myself to that possibility.  So to sum it up, I'm fine with either.  Asher really wants a little sister.  He says we have enough brothers and is already calling it a her.  So, we shall see.

Moving on.

I have been reading a lot of Pioneer Woman these days, and it is her that has made me want to write a blog post.  Partly because she kind of has the same, talk about random things-and just keep rambling on like I would-writing style, only she is funnier and wittier than I am.  I like her.  And I love her food.  I have been scouring over her recipes and have tried several this week alone.  They're good.  Real good.  This morning I found myself browsing her Christmas section.  The sudden onset of cooler weather in NYC has made me feel like it's already fall.  Time to bust out the pumpkin recipes and practice my pie crusts (because they need some serious, serious help).  Time to make plans to visit an apple orchard and pumpkin patch.  Time to start thinking about Thanksgiving dinner plans (mmmmm, gravy!!!).  And best of all... time to start thinking about Christmas goodies, which scented candles I need, where I should put the Christmas tree and hang twinkly lights, how many times I will be able to get away with using my Christmas dishes and goblets, what I should make for Christmas dinner...?  These are the kinds of important question I'm asking myself this morning.  Too soon you say?  Possibly.  But I just love October-December, and I don't intend to waste a moment of it.  And now that I actually have a decent sized kitchen, and since I am most definitely NOT doing a fall fitness challenge, I have grand plans to bake my little heart out this season.  And if I haven't mastered pie crusts by the end of winter... well, I don't know what.  I will be bummed.

So there you have it.  This is what I am up to these days.  Growing a baby, and dreaming of all the different things I can cook and bake this fall/winter season.  That and schlepping my kids to and from school everyday.  On the days that I take the kids to school, I walk about a mile from our house, to Asher's school, and then to Sayer's.  Yesterday Sayer whined and cried the entire mile.  It was so great.  Sayer is in a half-day pre-k program from 8:00 to 10:45am.  So on the weeks that I pick him, along with two other boys up (carpool baby! just without the car), I end up walking around 2-3 miles, depending on what I do with myself in-between.  It's good, since I need the exercise and the weather is so nice.  But it's kind of exhausting.  I find myself needing a nap every afternoon, which makes me feel lame and out of shape and old.  I try to remind myself that I'm pregnant, but still...  Oh well, I'll get over it. 

Oh!  I am also getting super pumped for all of my shows to start back up.  I won't tell you which ones, because you might judge me, but it is all very exciting!

That is all.  Next time I'll post a bunch of pictures to make up for the lack of them this time.  Until then...