Sunday, October 31, 2010

Park days coming to a close

Our New York fall is in full swing. The leaves are changing and the weather is turning chilly. We have been trying to squeeze in all the park days possible while the weather isn't too fridid. I am enjoying it immensely, as are the kids... as usual. Here are some fun pics with the boys and their friends.

Addi on the swings
Asher and Addi climbing.  It is amazing how agile they are these days

Sayer diggin' in the dirt

It looks like he is doing an ad campaign for craisins.  And yes, he is barefoot.  It was in the 70s that day though, don't worry.

Movie night

This last friday, we had a movie night pajama party at our friends' house. We watched Winnie the Pooh's Halloween and had pizza with fruit and veggies. The kids loved it. I think we are going to make it a weekly ritual while the weather is cold.
Sayer, Asher, Chase, Jackson, Tali, Addi



Sayer gets so into whatever he is watching.  He was so wide-eyed watching this movie.

Chase and Jackson

Tali and Addi

Look what I made...

Cute huh? They looked way cuter online, their fur was much better, but I still think they turned out pretty darn cute.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


The other day I was running along riverside park, when I ran up behind an elderly lady wearing what looked from behind, like one of these:
I thought to myself, "she seems rather old to have an infant". But then as I passed her, I realized I was mistaken. For it was not a baby carrier at all, but one of these:
Wow. Really? I've seen my fair share of these:
in the city. Now I can't decide which is worse.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Conference weekend & a visit from Jill!

Over conference weekend, my sister Jillian came out from DC to hang with us. It was also her birthday, so it was a nice excuse to see a show and see some of the city. She got here on Friday afternoon. We went and grabbed a slice and then saw The Addams Family starring Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth (we didn't get to see her, she was out of town). It was a fantastic show, actually. Very funny and entertaining, very talented cast. Most of the songs were quite enjoyable. Some of the funniest parts were with the puppetry that they did. The sets were awesome and they did some cool stuff with the curtains. Hard to explain, but it was neat-o. It was all very clever. Nathan Lane was truly amazing. He is such a talented actor, with impeccable comedic timing. A perfect Gomez. I was so glad that I got to see him live. A guy I know from BYU, Clark Johnsen, (he was a Young Ambassador at the same time I was a Folk Dancer... we did Light of the World together, and he was in Whitney's MDT program), was one of the ancestors, so it was fun to see him in it as well. 

Saturday we spent most of the day in Central Park after Nate took the boys to the Central Park zoo.  We started at Hecksher Playground at the south end of the park, the walked through the mall, up to the lake and Bethesda Fountain.  From there we headed to Bow bridge, then up past Cherry Hill to the fountain.  Then out of the park by Strawberry Fields.  We picked up some jumbo pretzels and ate them on the steps of the Museum of Natural History, then headed home. 
Asher showing off his golf skills.  He's actually pretty good.

Sayer, charming random park goers.  Per usual.

Jill and Bart enjoying the sunshine

Making wishes at the fountain at the top of Cherry Hill in Central Park

Making a wish...

and the toss

Asher's turn

Thinking about what to wish for... pretty sure it had something to do with birds.  Shocking, I know.

Conference Sunday.  Jillian's birthday cake.

You can't tell, but they are singing Happy Birthday to Jill

We didn't have any candles, but Jill was a good sport and pretended to blow her candles out!
On Saturday night, we had a lovely dinner out to Deluxe, one of our neighborhood faves.  Sunday we listened to conference and baked.  Then we had bbq pulled pork sandwhiches, fruit, veggies, and other delicious treats, with some friends in the ward.  Jill had to leave late afternoon to get back to DC for school the next day.  Thanks for coming out Jill!  We had fun as always.  Next time, we will get out and see more of the city, promise!


Sayer was entertaining Bart by drumming on his bumbo tray. Bart was giggling so much, it was so cute. Love those little boys!

Rice cereal

Barty started eating rice cereal. He likes it. It would be nice if he would keep most of it in his mouth. I know he will eventually learn this skill, but it would be nice if he could master sooner rather than later. :) Either way, he sure is cute!

Coney Island

On labor day weekend we went to Coney Island for the first time. The weather was perfect, and the crowds were not bad at all. After a quick lunch of Nathan's hot dogs, we spent some time on the beach, then headed over to the Aquarium, which the kids loved. I would not, however, recommend waiting in line to see the 4-D Planet Earth movie... SO not worth it.