Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tree at Rockefeller Center and other things

One day I said to Nate... I'm taking the evening off and am going to have some alone time.  I don't do this often, so he didn't complain.  It actually ended up not being an evening of being alone, really, but it started out that way.  I had some errands to run down in Rockefeller Square, so I took the opportunity to see the tree, and walk up 5th Ave to see some of the window displays.  I also popped into GAP to buy myself a few things, something else I never do :)  I had a lovely walk up 5th Ave, and across central park south back to the subway, where I headed back uptown to meet Nate and his sister Kierstin, who had just gotten into town, for dinner at one of our favorite places.  They took a long time to get there, so I got to sit at the bar and read my book, which was awesome!  After a delicious dinner, I said goodbye and headed over to Starbucks for a birthday get together.  We didn't last too long at Starbucks because so many people came, so a friend offered her place.  I wish I had pics because it was a little comical.  But regardless of the space constraints, we had a wonderful time chatting away, as usual. 

Christmas outings...

We had a few fun Christmas outings with friends.  We went to Grand Central Terminal where we got to see the train displays at the NYC Transit Museum Store and poke around some other shops as well.  

Another day we went to Bryant Park to see the tree, watch ice skaters and of course, ride the carousel.  And then we topped the day off with a delicious stop at Dillon's Candy Bar.  Yum!

Winter's Eve

Sayer and I went on a date to Winter's Eve.  I felt bad that the whole fam couldn't go, but Asher had school early the next day, and I couldn't justify letting him stay up late for it. :(  But Sayer sure had a blast having some one on one time with mom... getting to see the Christmas tree light up in the Lincoln Square area, having some yummy dinner with friends, watching street performers, having hot chocolate while watching an ice sculptor in front of the church, and just enjoying the festive atmosphere.  

Origami Tree and Parade floats

The day before Thanksgiving, Nate and I took the kids to the Museum of Natural History to see the Origami Tree and then to see the parade floats, which get blown up right outside the museum. This has been a fun tradition since we have been in the city. It was a really nice family outing, which of course included a few moments of mild annoyance, but for the most part, we had a fun time. We ended the night with dinner at McDonalds. Classy, classy.
Lookin' foxy in front of the origami tree babe!!

The boys were being really silly

This was the best we could manage

Nate had better luck...



Ice skating in Bryant Park

Back in November our old neighbors, Debbie and Peter, came into the city for a visit. We LOVED playing with them again. We headed down to Bryant Park and caught the end of a story time,  and then took the boys ice skating. We were kind of cheap though, I rented one pair of skates for my boys to switch off with, and then Debbie and I traded off skates as well. It was awesome. The boys had an absolute blast. I thought for sure Asher would try and start falling down and then say he didn't like it, but man was he determined to get it right. Sayer was more inclined to throw in the towel after one round. :) So while Peter, Asher and Debbie kept at it, I took Sayer and Bart to ride the carousel. Fun times were had by all!!
Story time

This guy was awesome!

Excited to get out on the ice!

Debbie and I got an arm workout, holding those boys up.  They got better and better each time around though.  It was pretty amazing.

Fun on the carousel!

All by himself!

Radio City Rockettes

My mom and I went to see the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular when they were in town.  My brother in law Duffy, and his wife Tessa, also came in town for a few days, so they joined me and my mom.  It was a fun show, and the whole time all I could think was how much my boys would have loved it.  Oh well.  Another time I guess. 

This Christmas tree shaped chandelier was amazing!!
Duffy and Tessa