Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mother-Daughter trip: NYC

**This post is from back in March, I kept waiting to post until I got some more pictures, but I just wanted to get it on here**

The last couple weeks have been pretty busy around here. On Friday the 26th of March, my mom and 4 out of 5 sisters came to NYC. Aside from all the rain, I'd say we had a pretty delightful time.

Their trip was full of lots of shopping, a little sight seeing (although really, not much), eating delicious food and seeing lots of great shows. On Sunday night, we ate at the most delicious mexican restaurant called Rosa Mexicano. Guacamole and carne asada tacos were both to die for!! A little pricey, but definitely recommend. Thanks mom! We also met our cousin Christian for an early dinner at Alice's Tea Cup,
Ash, Morgan

Mom, Christian, Lex

which I had gone to a couple weeks earlier with some girlfriends, and loved. Yummy food, tons of tea choices (herbal included), delicious scones, and an adorable atmosphere, finished off with mis-matched tea cups and saucers. It was also SO great to catch up with Christian! We also hit up Crumbs which is always divine.

On Saturday night, they all saw In the Heights, which they enjoyed, I believe. I had already seen it and didn't want to spend the money again.

Sunday afternoon, we sinned and saw Chicago.
Ash, Hailey, Jill, Lex, Morgan, Mom

We decided to embrace the raciness and repent later. We didn't mean for the raciness to take place on the Sabbath, in place of Sunday School and Relief Society, that's just the way the tickets for everything worked out. I am a big fan of the music for Chicago, and just couldn't resist experiencing it on Broadway. The costumes most definitely left almost nothing to the imagination, but the music and acting did not disappoint. Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child played Roxy. She of course has an amazing voice, and did some nice acting. I have to say though, she is a little awkward to watch move. She has really long, super skinny legs, and just does not move well. You can tell she is not a dancer, especially in comparison with the amazing dancers in the rest of the cast. So Chicago was great, even though I guess I can't recommend it! ;)

Monday night we saw Promises, Promises starring Kristen Chenoweth and Sean Hayes (Jack on Will & Grace). It had just opened on Saturday night, and let me tell you: it. was. dee-lightful!!! Sean Hayes stole the show with his lovable character, humor, and all around amazing talent. Kristen was of course amazing and adorable as well, but I have to say, if I were to pick one of them to win a Tony, it would be Sean. It is a revival musical from the 60s I believe, so some of the music was a little dated, but there were also some serious gems, like "I say a little prayer", "turkey lurkey time" and "I'll never fall in love again". I LOVED this show. Definitely recommend!!

On Tuesday morning, we packed up and headed to Penn Station to catch a bus (in the pouring rain, I might add) to Washington DC to meet up with Whit and continue on with our Mother-Daughter trip.

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Josh and Michelle said...

so nice, I bet that was good times with all the Busath ladies together. But um, you guys sin? Seriously I was shocked. I mean me, all the time, but busaths I didnt know you had it in you. nice. So are you guys in UT now? I now your not like around the corner, but it is nice to know that you are closer and there might one day be a possibility of coming to see you.