Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Wanna win a trip to Paris?!?

Yeah, you and me both.  Go here for details.  Ends tonight!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sayer the 3 year old!

This boy is 3!

He has been for 3 and a half months now, and I have neglected to do his birthday post.  Mainly because I knew it would be a long one, and I'm just lazy like that.  Sayer decided he wanted a train party, and we picked out what his cake would look like and had been talking about it for months before the big day.  I was planning a really big, fun party with fun food and games.  Well, just when I was getting ready to start all the preparations the week of the party, I got sick.  I felt so bad that it went from a really fun party to basically a playgroup with cake.  And not even a very cute cake at that.  I was really bummed.  Oh well.  Sayer loved it and loved his cake, even though I count it as a failure.  The colors were terrible and I decided to use melted chocolate instead of chocolate plastic because I thought it would be faster and easier to work with... I was wrong.  VERY wrong.  It did taste very good though, so there's that.

Anyway, I honestly cannot believe that Sayer is 3. He is a very big talker and is in that stage where he stutters a lot because he wants to say so much, and can't quite get it all out as fast as he wants to say it.  He is very articulate though and I am always amazed at his understanding of things as well as his sentence structure.  He is a total charmer and flirt.  He likes to pretend that he is shy, but he so not.  He has made friends with several of our security guards and likes to go behind their desk and talk to them and tell them small details about his day.  It's pretty sweet, and they love it.  When people come over to visit, he and Asher are both all over them.  They turn into crazy little show-offs and treat our guests like human jungle gyms... they seriously LOVE having company.  Thankfully, most people don't mind too much.

Sayer is still figuring out how to play with friends.  He does really well with Asher, and when he is one on one with friends, but when we are at the park or in a big group, he is pretty independent and content playing by himself.

I think he has a little OCD in him.  Or maybe it's just him being 3 and trying to control little things in his life.  But all things must be done in order for him... if I start singing twinkle twinkle little star before I get next to his bed, he will make me stop, then start again when I am in the right place, and he has his blanky in hand.  He has to flush the toilet and gets really mad when I do it.  I can't think of the other things he does right now, but he does things like that a lot.  It is very different from how Asher was... Asher is just go go go, don't waste time on the small, unimportant stuff, and Sayer is much more methodical.  We get apple cider donuts from the farmer's market every thursday, and Sayer will hold his for like 10 minutes before he finally eats it.  It's like he is savoring it or something.

Sayer is our musical child.  He loves to sing and actually sings on key.  He has started singing twinkle twinkle (which is his song of choice every night for bedtime) with me every night.  Then he says "mom, I sing twinkle twinkle little star with you!"  We still hear him singing to himself in bed at nap and bedtime. Sayer usually goes to bed after Asher since he takes a nap still, so he sometimes gets to watch a show with daddy (much to my disapproval).  He loves tv.  He calls everything that is not a kids show "Friends", because Nate was watching Friends once and talked about the name of the show, and so now he thinks all adult tv is Friends.  Pretty awesome.  Or sad.  One of those.

Sayer is also very expressive in his face.  He has huge brown eyes that light up when he is happy, and he can give the most amazing sad and frowny faces.  His emotion is all in his face and he is very animated.  I think he is such a beautiful little boy.  I know I am totally biased, but I do have lots of people tell me the same thing, so it must be true. ;)  He is very dramatic.  If he hurts himself, or Asher someone takes something from him, or he gets his feelings hurt, watch out.  It is the most grating, annoying sound.  This has been a major source of recent frustration, and mental and emotional exhaustion for me.  The kid drives me insane.  But... I love him to pieces.  He cracks me up every day.  He is so sweet and thoughtful, loves his brothers and his daddy.  He is obedient (for the most part) and just a happy kid, and we absolutely love having him in our family!

Pictures from his birthday party...

A little of this, a little of that

Wow. As usual, I am totally sucking it up in the blogging department. Oh well. A few weeks ago, I found myself sitting down at my computer, writing a blog post that was full of frustration and exhaustion, but I never got to finish it. Fortunately, this time around, I find myself in a much happier place. The fam and I have been thoroughly enjoying city life these past few weeks. We've been doing a ton of this

twice a day, most days.

Saying goodbye to Asher's school and friends, and getting ready for "summer fun days".

Nate has been doing a lot of reading, writing, researching, interviewing, pilot studies.  You know, boring stuff.

I've been doing a lot of running, yoga, a little bit of swimming, psyching myself up for some fundraising...

filling up my calendar with these

and a lot of taking this

and turning it into this

over and over and over and over and over again.

Yep.  Life has been pretty good.  We are excited for more summer adventures.  First up, a trip to the "Cape".  That's right folks, we'll be summering east coast style.  I feel so posh and New York-y.  Except it's not really posh.  But it will be super awesome and I can't tell you how excited I am for a week on the beach with my little family.  Aunt Jillian will be joining in on the fun for part of it, too!  And not to worry, the obligatory bucket of red vines that is present at every Busath family vacation, has already been purchased.  Good times guaranteed!