Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oh that blessed day!

So I was going through one of my scrapbook drawers and found the disc of mine and Nate's wedding pictures. I was looking through them and thought they were so fun, so I thought I would share a couple amusing ones. First of all, here is me and my hubby overlooking SanFran...

This picture describes my husband's personality. I know he has a hot bodice, sorry ladies, taken!!

This is me with all of my bridesmaids. I like it because it is clear from the picture those of us who are "performers" and those of us who love the spotlight!! What can I say, we were born for the stage!

I had to make this one large so that you could see our faces better!

Now this one I love...this is me and my sister Jillian. We were supposed to turn around on the count of three and strike a pose, and this is the one I chose. Sorry Jill, I didn't mean to grab your boob!

I am showing you this picture because Whitney's face is priceless! It also shows my dress quite nicely and I loved my dress. I know, I am so vein, what can I say?! But just look at that double french bussle, and also, would you believe that my dress was originally strapless? They did an amazing job on the sleeves!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Googley Pants

Nate calls Asher "googley pants" as I believe I mentioned before. Well, he just happens to have a pair of pants that are quite "googley", and I finally got a picture of him wearing them, so I thought I would share. I actually love these pants, I think they are so cute, he looks like a little golfer (courtesy of Grandma Lenie). It's not a very good picture, but you can see the pants just fine. Then I just had to throw in another picture of him being his adorable, crazy little self!!:)

Let the good times roll...

This past week, we had the great pleasure of being host to both the Olson and the Busath fams. The Olsons came in on Thursday evening and stayed until Saturday afternoon. Heidi made her mandatory visits to "the Dillard", her favorite store. I have to say, I have the cutest mother-in-law in the world. Every time she comes to Utah, she hits every Dillard in the valley, to make sure that she is not missing out on any amazing deals. We had fun with them, dining at the Training Table and Goodwood BBQ, and staying up and talking about many a random topic. My sisters had a random week off of school, so they came to play. They got in last Friday night, the 17th I believe, and then we went for our ten mile run on Saturday, all five of us. Very fun! Also very hard! On Monday, the girls went to see "Because I said so" which was very fun. Maybe we all liked it so much because it reminds us of our own mother, hehe!:) Just kidding mom, you know we love you!!! The evenings were filled with delicious food and rousing games of catch phrase, oodles, guesstures, and rigamorole (or something like that). We found that we are all very easily entertained, and well, crazy! Here are a few pictures that capture the good times as well as the weirdness!

On Wednesday morning, I left with my family for a little trip to Sactown. Asher has not been a very good traveller so far. He hardly slept at all in the car, which made for a very rough week. But he had fun with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Lexi and Aunt Hailey. He is quite the little charmer. He loves to give his biggest, best smile for anyone who will dote on him. We went to Red Lobster with Grammy B and he sat in his little high chair and just looked around at everyone in the restaurant, smiling and squealing. I really think that he has already figured out how to "work it"! On Thursday I taught and Irish soft shoe dance that I choreographed for my sisters' dance group. I thought it was quite a fun little dance, if I do say so myself. Thursday was also a very big night on Grey's Anatomy. So in order to not to delay the suspense longer than necessary, I had Grandma B record it for me and picked it up after the Galena rehearsal. Don't worry everyone, Merideth is alive and well. Although I don't know how realistic the whole thing was, I am glad that her and McDreamy are reunited once again! On Saturday, I taught a clogging dance to Galena, came home and ran 7 miles with dad (Hailey, sadley was unable to join us due to an infected blister. She hobbled around quite pathetically all week:). JK Hailey, I know it was really painful!), then lounged about for the rest of the evening. I watched Jane Austen's "In Persuasion" for the first time. I have to say, I'm a fan. That Jane Austen sure knew what she was doing!!
I found myself feeling very nostalgic this weekend as I drove around Sacramento. It brought back so many memories of High School and other important areas of my life. For example, I passed the Lyons resaurant down the street from El Camino where I would go for breakfast on the occasion that I would excuse myself (not ditch!) first period AP Econ. Also in that area, Country Club Plaza, where a few caring friends and I "borrowed" a fake tree (just a little one) to present to one of our best friends in the Hospital. Oh, it makes me smile! I drove past Arden Hills, where I worked for a few years, El Camino, Arcade and Cowan, my Alma maters. Everytime I make the drive downtown to the Studio, (which I think I could make in my sleep), I remember the good old Galena days. And when Dad and I ran through the old paper routes, it reminded me of the not so good days! Oh..."I never had a care, in was everywhere in Sacramento..." Come on people, let's let the good times roll. Anyone who wishes to leave a comment about the "good old days", please feel free! If you've been feeling nostalgic about something, please do share. Mom, dad, Galena, Mission Oak Ward, El Camino, thanks for the memories!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Valentine...

Well, Valentines Day is here, and I realized that I have not thought once about what I would be giving to Nate. How sad and un-romantic is that. But on the other hand, I think it is great. Because what I have been thinking about is how much I love my husband and how great he is. And that, I think is the true spirit of Valentine's Day.

Why I love being married to Nate....

1. He always makes me laugh. During our first year of marriage, the thing that I realized that I loved the most about marriage was lying in bed and talking and laughing.

2. I can be my true dork-self with him, and I know that he loves me anyway!

3. Nate is the most unconfrontational person in the world. I know that I can tell him anything and he will not judge me or get angry.

4. Nate is always thinking about something, and I am so privilaged to be the one that gets to hear about his views on life, love, the gospel, etc.

5. Because Nate is always thinking, he inspires me to do the same.

6. He is always encouraging me to grow and try new things. I know that Nate honestly believes that I can do and achieve whatever I put my mind to.

7. Nate thinks that being a mother is the most important thing a woman can do. One of the biggest compliments that Nate has ever given me was when we were dating, and he said that he was thinking about me and what came to his mind was that I was a mother, and that he would trust me to raise his children.

8. He is such a cute dad, and it might surprise you to learn that he is a very protective dad. He worries all the time about Asher getting sick or hurt, and he DOES NOT like for me to give him formula. Most dads don't really care about that. But he has been my biggest cheerleader for breast-feeding. He also loves making up little nick-names for Asher, like googley pants.

9. He thinks I'm hot!!

10. Even though being married to a musician is very different, I do love it. Not really the hours or the inconsistency, but I love that he is so talented and really knows what he is doing when it comes to music. Everytime I hear him play, I am amazed that I am married to such a talented man. The one thing that would make being married to a musician better would be if he would write songs about me and seranade me. But Nate will rarely plays for me on a whim because, well, it's his job, and I can understand that!!

11. Perhaps the best thing about being married to Nate is that I know he would much rather receive appreciation like this than some random gift that I THINK he will like, but ends up not. ( I am horrible at buying gifts for Nate, I should just stick with gift cards and electronic gadgets instead of trying to be creative!)

Happy Valentines Day to my sweet husband. I love you!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Six Months

Today Asher is six months. It is so crazy how fast the time flies. We have loved being parents, and have had so much fun with Asher. It is amazing how quickly their little personalities emerge, as well as how fast they grow and develop.

Now that Asher is six months, he is a very busy boy...

Spending time with daddy (I think he is going to be a daddy's boy. Sometimes he will be grumpy, then dad will come in, and oh look, he's all smiles). He loves to learn things from him, like how to put his binky in his mouth. He also loves to just hang out with dad.

Studying toys and other items around the house, trying to discover their purpose.

Doing his daily push-ups.

Stretching with mommy after she goes running in the morning.

Working out very hard playing on his play mat.

Concentrating very hard on playing with his toys.

Practicing giving cheesy smiles for the camera!

Pondering mischieviously about what he is going to do today in order to meet his "stinker" quota.

And he spends the majority of his days sitting and looking absolutely adorable (he is very good at that!)

We look forward to the next six months and the joy that they will bring.