Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My friend Hannah is having a fun pie kit giveaway on her blog Sherbet Blossom Studio. Her blog is so fun... talking about fashions, decor, cooking, baking, lots of hand bags and shoes and also a little bit of photography. Such a fun blog. Check it out! Oh yeah, and she is also a graphic designer, she did my blog design, and would LOVE to do more!!


Angela said...

Oooooh love the blog! And the Sherbet blog is awesome too. I want to figure out how to do a header - I've kind of been out of touch with blogging lately and just getting back into it. You guys are so cute. Your pics are awesome and your boys are adorable. Hope Nate is liking school, sounds like you both are handling NY with grace!

Lonly Mom/Grandma said...

Hey Morgan and Nate. This is Aunt Mary. How's New York? Your kids look adorable and I love the blonde hair. I'm going to stalk your blog to keep track of you if you don't mind. Honestly even if you mind. Love, Mary