Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Sunday

We had a lovely Easter Sunday. It was a beautiful looking day, but it actually ended up being pretty cold. The kids woke up and got their Easter baskets, minus the baskets (I was too cheap to buy them). Sayer got a really soft and cuddly stuffed ducky and bubbles, and Asher got a dinosaur puzzle and bubbles. Sacrament meeting was wonderful... the choir sang most of the time, and then I think we had one speaker. I had to put Sayer to sleep, so I didn't get to hear everything, but the songs I did hear were beautiful. They sang "This is the Christ" which is one of my favorite songs.

Our church is right during nap time for both kids, so Asher was pretty tired by the time we got home, and was very grumpy for the rest of the evening. Unfortunately, I waited until the kids were "done" for the day to take their pictures, just like I did last year. Oh well, I still managed to get some cute ones in their handsome little outfits. (and just for fun, here is the link to Asher's first Easter...)

We also managed to do a little egg hunt for Asher, which he was not too excited about because he was so tired, but he enjoyed eating the candy. (please don't mind my eye pitched talking at the beginning... just tune it out!)
Asher has really been enjoying Family Home Evening these days. I have a bunch of FHE packets that I got from doing exchanges, and some of them are so cute and creative with lots of pictures and fun games. It is not uncommon for Asher to ask to have family night on random nights of the week. Well, we never got a chance to have our Easter one during the week, so we did it on Easter. While Asher was attentive and loved all the pictures and objects, I'm not sure it all clicked for him. That's ok though. As long as he is enjoying learning about the Gospel, I'm happy.

We also had a nice pork roast dinner with homemade rolls and garlic mashed potatoes. It was all scrumptious. We invited one of Nate's home teachees over to enjoy it with us, and that was fun to get to know her better.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!


Natalie said...

Your boys are so cute and they are getting so big.

"This is the Christ" is one of my favorite songs, too. Todd's mission president actually wrote it which is kind of cool. The mission pres is one of the most Christlike people I have ever met, so it makes the song even that more meaningful.

Bill & Lisa Busath said...

I can only imagine what your ward choir sounds like with all that NY talent, with Julliard next door and all! I love that song too. It's on that BYU choir CD I have, which is one of my favorite Sunday CDs. The boys look soooo adorable. I wish they could have been with Joel and Kadin searching for eggs on Aunt Carey's hillside in Grass Valley -- one of these days! Can't wait to see you all. We're counting down the days!

Courtney said...

How fun! I love the Easter vests.