Saturday, January 09, 2010

Our trip in review...

We had a great trip with the Busath fam. There is just too much to cover, but here are some of the fun things that made up our month...

~Folk Dance reunion and CAW

~Visiting with Farrah and her family (I used to work with her)

~Going to the Galena shows and dressing Lexy, taking the boys to watch one of her school shows

~Sitting by the fire pit in the back yard

~Making and eating LOTS of Christmas goodies

~Watching and playing with Grandpa's trains

~Bedtime stories with Grandpa

~Cuddling with this kid:

~Playing with trains and other toys... but mostly trains

~Sitting with Aunt Jillian and looking at pictures and videos of trains (can you tell these kids like trains?)

~Helping grandpa make fires

~Lots of reading (Nate read lots of boring school stuff. I read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Love at first Site and the Enoch Letters)

~Lots of movie watching (I finally saw the 6th Harry Potter, we saw Sherlock Holmes, Whit and I saw The Blind Side and Ben and Nate saw Avatar. Asher discovered the Polar Express and came to love WALL-E even more)

~Lots of time spent at the park

~Visiting with friends

~Visiting with family


~Hair cuts and hair colored. Ash gave me a free lesson in cutting my boys' hair along with the clippers she got me for Christmas!

~Getting Marie's Donuts (best donuts ever)

~A run with the sisters

~Temple session and Leatherby's

~Lots of yummy dinners (homemade as well as going out)

~Taking the train to Sunnyvale (we even got them hot chocolate, and Asher sang the Hot Chocolate song from Polar Express)

~Going to the airport and flying home on a plane!

Asher all cozy watching WALL-E. (Nate and I were on different flights, so I had Asher and he had Sayer. We had a great flight, but Nate and Sayer had a layover, so it wasn't as smooth sailing for them. But we all made it safe and sound)

...and so much more. I'm sure I forgot stuff, but basically we had a successful trip. Thanks to all who put us up, and put up with us! We love you all!!


mj said...

I'm curious to know what you thought about "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." I read it last year (when i flew to/from NY, actually. I really liked it for the most part.

Michal Thompson said...

so fun, but we still haven't seen a good picture of your bump, or is that because there isn't one? That isn't fair.