Saturday, January 27, 2007

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Hello Friends and Family!

Welcome to the Olson Family Blog. Thanks to Katie Rynearson for the idea. I have loved going to their site and being able to read up on all that they have been up to, so I thought that this would be such a fun idea for our growing little family.

We had a fabulous Christmas in Spokane, WA with the Olson fam. It was so relaxing. Nate's dad decided to buy an xbox, I told Nate that he should cherish this time to play video games because there is no way that he will EVER be getting one of those things. I absolutely refuse, and thankfully, Nate respects that. I on the other hand, discovered that I love puzzles, Who knew? We did a beautiful James Christensen puzzle and then another fun beach scene. As soon as I got home, I got on ebay and won 2 puzzles so that I could continue my new obsession.

Little Asher is getting to be not so little any more. He is getting so big. Nate and I were just saying how crazy it is that one day you look at your baby, and they are big. It's amazing how it happens right before your eyes. He is such a little cutie. He is a very big talker, he loves to babble and laugh. He does this new thing where he likes to scream. Sometimes he is just doing it so he can hear and enjoy his own melodious voice, but other times, I can tell that he is just being a little stinker, screaming because he is mad about who knows what. I have to admit though, it is still pretty cute. He is starting to sit up pretty well. He rolls over really well from his tummy, and from his back he will go onto his side, but he still has yet to complete the whole roll to his tummy. I think he just doesn't want to. It's so cute though when he cranes his little neck and head to see everything around him. It is also quite amazing how he will do whatever he has to to get his little eyeballs on the TV. So we are either forced to turn it off (which is not a bad thing) or we put the ottoman in his way so that he can't see. Pretty ingenious I think! He has started to eat solids, and so far he doesn't really like the cereal plain, so we put either bananas or applesauce in with it. But I think he only likes the bananas. But even still, he is doing a great job and looks so precious.

It's amazing how fast they learn what they are supposed to do with the food once it's in their mouth. Asher is also a GREAT sleeper. He is now officially sleeping through the night. He goes to bed around 6 or 6:30pm and usually wakes up around 5am to eat and then goes back to sleep until atleast 7am. Although recently has been sleeping until 8:15am. What an angel he is to his mommy! I tell you, it makes such a difference when I don't have to get up because he makes me. It's nice to get up first. It's a psychological thing that I'm sure all moms understand! He sleeps great during the day as well. He takes between 2 and 3 naps. It is so nice for me. I have to admit, that Asher is possibly the easiest baby in the world. Most days I have a very easy life thanks to him. I have no complaints!

Nate is still teaching at BYU and has about 30 private fiddle students, he has also just finished applying to his PhD programs. We will find out if he got in on March 15th. That will be fun to find out what we will be up to next fall. Nate is also working hard to finish his book on contest fiddling as well as teaching himself the guitar. And although Nate made fun of me at first for liking puzzles, he has now started to do them with me, and I must say that he seems to enjoy it just as much as I do.

My fun news of the month is that I am training for a marathon with my sisters and my dad. Whitney, Jillian and I are training here in Provo, while my dad and other sister Hailey are training back in Sac. So far we are all doing great. I try to take it one day at a time and try not to think about the fact that I will be running 26.2 miles straight. I tell you what though, there is no way I could do this by myself. It is so nice to have a support system as well as people to run with that are expecting you to show up. Whit, Jill: I couldn't do it without you guys!!! :) I have also started taking Irish Dance classes at the Tina Shelley school of Irish dance (it was Nate's Christmas gift to me, which he was VERY proud of). It has been so fun to dance again, and I am discovering muscles again that I forgot that I had.

So that's what's going on with the Olson Family right now. Kind of fun, huh?! I'll try to be good at keeping it updated. Until next time.....


Whitney said...

What a freakin' cute kid! I love the picture with the rice cereal all over his face.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that you did a blog! I love checking my friends' blogs because I feel like we can all keep in touch a little more! Ahser is soooo cute! He is truly adorable! I'm so glad that he is such a good baby! I can't believe how wonderfully he sleeps! Someday, I'll get there with my girls! They have gotten much better though, and it really does make such a difference for me... emotionally/physically and everything!
Way to go on the marathon! I'm totally impressed! That is one goal that I don't know if I could ever do it!
I'm glad things are going so well! It will be fun to check your blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh Morgs! Look at you... little miss creative! That is soo darling! Asher is getting so big! He's a doll! I still miss you BUNCHES here at work. We are planning on gettng together for my shower sometime soon... I would love for you to come with all of us girls and visit, so let me know if you want to and I can let you know the time, place and date. Take care cutie! Talk to ya soon... Leesa