Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Six Months

Today Asher is six months. It is so crazy how fast the time flies. We have loved being parents, and have had so much fun with Asher. It is amazing how quickly their little personalities emerge, as well as how fast they grow and develop.

Now that Asher is six months, he is a very busy boy...

Spending time with daddy (I think he is going to be a daddy's boy. Sometimes he will be grumpy, then dad will come in, and oh look, he's all smiles). He loves to learn things from him, like how to put his binky in his mouth. He also loves to just hang out with dad.

Studying toys and other items around the house, trying to discover their purpose.

Doing his daily push-ups.

Stretching with mommy after she goes running in the morning.

Working out very hard playing on his play mat.

Concentrating very hard on playing with his toys.

Practicing giving cheesy smiles for the camera!

Pondering mischieviously about what he is going to do today in order to meet his "stinker" quota.

And he spends the majority of his days sitting and looking absolutely adorable (he is very good at that!)

We look forward to the next six months and the joy that they will bring.

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Scott and Katie said...

He is the most darling little guy! I love the picture of him smiling so big! Isn't it the truth that they always seem happy when dad is home? It is fun that our babies are the same age, because we are going through the same milestones and stuff right now. Isn't it so fun as they start to learn and do new things all the time? I love it! Well, I love all your pictures!