Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad's birthday was on Wednesday, and since I have been such a slacker-blogger, I didn't do a birthday tribute for him then. So it is a couple of days late, but better late than never. I am actually not exactly sure how old my dad is, but I think he would probably rather me not say anyway!! :)

I love my dad soooo much. He has always been so fun to be around. He has a very dry sense of humor that makes me smile. Dad has always been the best example to me of having a true love and testimony of our Savior and Heavenly Father, and has always encouraged me to seek the truth for myself.

My dad loves everything outdoors. He has hiked mount Shasta several times, hiked all over Yosemite, up to falls in Kauai, and countless other adventures. One of the craziest things that my dad does is do a paperroute at 4 am every morning with my little sisters. Yes, he made me do it as well. Starting from my Freshman in highschool, all the way til I graduated. He is such a stud. Our dad also recently just ran the odgen marathon with me and my sisters. Yeah, we totally slowed him down, but he was a good sport to stick with us.

My dad loves his 6 daughters. I have to say, that I think we made him a little nervous through the dating years, as will my younger sisters in the next few years!! :) Thanks for being such a great, fun dad, and for being such an amazing example. I hope you had an amazing birthday. I love you!!



whitney said...

happy birthday to the coolest dad around! love you dad!

Summer Adams said...

Oh Morgan, that is such a sweet post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL!!!! Who doesn't love Bill? He's the greatest :)

Jessica said...

Your dad really is the neatest guy. I remember he was my dance partner in "The boogie woogie choo choo train" in my first ever allegro performance. It must have been hard for him since I was definately more of a singer than a dancer. He was so sweet. And the moves... I gotta tell you not a lot of dads have that. Happy Birthday Bill.

Hammon Family said...

I love your Dad! He was the BEST seminary teacher ever! What a great guy. Happy Birthday!