Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NYC Marathon

On Halloween evening, my old roommate Maren and her friend Julia, who I had become blog buddies with, came into town to run the NYC Marathon. They stayed at our place for a few days and did an awesome job running 26.2 through NYC's 5 burroughs, and got to see the city and see a few shows as well. It was great fun having them and so good to finally meet Julia.

My brother in law is an elite wheelchair racer, and was racing in the marathon as well, so he got Nate and I VIP passes to all the cool stuff. We got to go hang out and eat yummy food and sit in the stands at the finish line, which apparently, you have to pay tons of money for. I was right there when Paula Radcliffe and Kara Goucher crossed the finish line... so cool!!
Paula Radcliffe
Kara Goucher

Asher had great fun driving his trains on the curb, until he got a little tired, and completely lost it. He was laying in the dirt throwing a tantrum while I just stood there watching him. Some guy started freaking out wondering where his mother was. I told him it was fine, he was just having a moment. After I got him calmed down, he was content to play in the dirt until Nate was ready to go. Sayer sat happily in the bjorn for the first part and slept through the rest. He is truly an angel!

After my BIL finished...

We took the boys home for naps, and I went back by myself to see the girls finish. I only saw Julia and for some reason I missed Maren, so I didn't get any pictures. There were definitely some interesting characters running. There was this one guy who was wearing nothing except this neon green elastic band that went around his neck, under his groin, up the backside (g-string style) and back up to his neck. It was NOT a pretty picture. He must have been freezing, not to mention extremely uncomfortable.

It was such a fun thing to watch though. I felt very lucky to be able to watch all those awesome runners finish, and I always love watching people finish races... it's such an accomplishment. Way to go Maren and Julia!!


Trent & Emily Davies said...

Thats awesome that you guys got to be right down there in the middle of all the action during that huge marathon! We went to the finish line to cheer on friends at the St. George marathon and it was a really awesome experience to see them cross the line!

The Tracys said...

Um... Why cant i have those 2 girls at the beginnings bodies??? I would love to live a day in someone elses body who doesnt have cellulite! Geez... not fair :)!

Michal Thompson said...

Are you going to run it next year? Maybe I will have to come up? MAYBE!! I always cry when I see other people finish big races- don't ask me why.

Angie said...

Sounds like you had a great time, and I just wanted to thank you for not taking a picture of the green band runner. No one wants to see that. :-)