Sunday, May 17, 2009


This last semester, for one of Nate's classes, they were split up into ensembles and given various assignments to complete throughout the term. One of the assignments was to make their own arrangement of a cover song. Nate's group did Apologize from One Republic. Last week they had a concert with all of the groups and they performed Apologize. I was really bummed that my camera was almost full, so I wasn't able to get the whole song, but you will get the idea. They did such a great job, I think I like their version better! ;)


Josh and Michelle said...

Nice, I really liked it! Nate sounded awesome!

mj said...

it's so incredible to me that people can compose various arrangements from an original. i definitely lack the creativity to change something that's already in my head one way. :) i loved that! and nate did a great job. he's amazing.