Friday, May 22, 2009

Cheese ball lovers

Nate got a package of bacon cheese balls in a birthday package from his sister Analee in Australia. They pretty much just tasted like regular cheese balls, but probably much more fattening. Turns out that the boys are huge fans. It made me think of my dad, because he LOVES cheese balls/cheese puffs. My grandma (his mom) has a pantry in her house that she keeps stocked with lots of food and candy and treats, and she always has a HUGE vat 'o cheese puffs. My dad will usually take a nice baggie full home. I think he might also have a vat of his own that he keeps in his office at work. So awesome. Anyway, here are some cute pics and video footage of them enjoying the cheesy goodness. The video is my favorite. I think Sayer looks so cute sitting in the little chair, and then the best part is Asher's donald duck bum... so cute!


The Olsen's said...

Mmmm...cheese balls! Sounds yummy to me! :) I'm glad you guys are doing well!

Mark, Andrea, and Mason said...

Your boys have grown up so much! They are so cute!!! I love reading your blog.