Thursday, December 24, 2009


Before we left NY, I really wanted to take the boys to see the Santa at Macy's. We went last year so I knew how it was set up, and that I could handle it by myself, as Nate was really busy with end of the semester stuff. It was actually a wonderful little trip for me and the boys. We got there early so there was no line, although we still took our time wandering through "Santa Land" to make sure that we saw everything there was to see. I absolutely love this holiday outing. I just think it is so fun and magical, both for the kids and the adults. The Santas and elves have always been so nice and taken their time with us and made sure we got all the pictures we wanted.

The boys loved the huge train display in the center, of course, and Asher was so excited to see Santa. All of the North Pole stuff was fun for him too, as he is getting more acquainted with Santa and the north pole and Santa's sleigh, so I think it's been fun to see those things come to life a little more. Asher loved Santa and told him he wanted a big train for Christmas, and Sayer would have nothing to do with him.

After we saw Santa, I attempted to look through Holiday Lane to pick out some new family ornaments. That was a mistake. But I did manage to get Sayer's ornament and a Christmas gift, so it was successful. But a store filled with virtually ALL breakable things is NOT a good place for a 3 year old to be without a stroller! Now I know for next time.

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Seanlys said...

That looks like it was so much fun! I want to go!