Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Playing catch up

Well, as you can see, I have a huge backlog of posts that need catching up on. I have been doing them in steps... first I went through my pictures and decided what posts to do, and gave each one a title and then saved it. Then today I finally uploaded my pictures and put the correct pictures in the correct posts. Now, one by one, I am going through and adding commentary. Awesome. I need to get caught up though, because we are leaving this Friday (me and the boys that is) for UT, then on to CA, and will be there until Jan 8th, so I need to get it all done so all the new stuff can start piling up! ;) We are leaving so early because folk dancers are having a big 50th anniversary reunion show and breakfast, and I really wanted to go. Plus Nate has tons of writing to do, and our being gone will help him to be much more productive! So all you Californians, we have plenty of time to get together and catch up. I really am so excited!! Not so much for the flight with 2 boys, by myself, but that is a mere 5 hours... I can handle it. Anyway... I still have several more posts to do, I just don't feel like it anymore. Soon though, soon.

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Orange Peanut said...

I just wanted to say - Your pictures on the side bar are SOOOOOO CUTE! Morgan they are great!

Can't wait to see you when you are out here!