Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back in the saddle again

Well, I have been a terrible blogger lately. Every time I have thought about writing a blog post, I cringe and just have no desire. I feel like my blog has turned into more of a scrapbook filled with things like vacations and random activities that I am sure only Nate and I care about, which makes it so much more of a chore to document. And of course, I am hopelessly behind, so it is all just too overwhelming.

Blogging has been an interesting thing in my life the last few years. At first it started out as a way to keep up with friends and family. Then it became inspiring. I learned a lot of things about being a wife and mom, got a lot of new ideas, and was overall just inspired to be better. Then I was inspired to be more. I watched as many of my friends became ambitious and started fulfilling passions and lifelong dreams and then shared it on their blog. I realized there was so much more to me than motherhood. There were things that I wanted to be and to experience, and through blogging, I started to figure out what those things were, and then understood that I could actually do them. It was eye-opening and exciting. But then it became competitive. I always felt the need to "keep up" and found myself comparing lives and accomplishments. It became overwhelming and negative, so I found myself separating from the blogging world a little bit. Then life got busy and tiring and blogging really just turned into a chore, which is where I find myself now.

Well, I still have my trusty google reader and have been faithfully keeping up on many blogs, and a few have actually been inspiring me again, this time to re-enter the blogging world a little more. My friend Maren, who is an amazing blogger, is doing a series right now called "How they do it", and it is inspiring in so many ways, and has helped me to see that there are a lot of positive things to gain from blogging, and I think I am ready to be apart of it again. Despite my lack of blogging, I still find myself thinking of things to blog about and share. Things that are witty and funny, or that have been on my mind that I want to share. Things that I have learned or even opinions I would like to voice as well as hear from other people. But the OCD in me won't let me post because all things must be in order and I want to get all the other stuff documented first. So I want to still post all that boring stuff that no one really cares about, in hopes that I will also be able to have a little more fun with blogging again, as I think it can still be a positive thing in my life. I'm not promising anything, mind you. But the desire is definitely there, more than it used to be, so we'll see what happens. In the meantime, I'll get posting on what we've been up to, and guess what... it's not even going to be in order! *Gasp!* :)


mj said...

yay! don't stop. i love reading your updates and seeing your cute, cute boys. and your cute, cute face too. :) hope to see you next week. so glad i could help you re-enter the blogging world. :)

Lark said...

I have felt similarly about blogging. And lately the thought of putting up pictures about our vacation that was awesome, but no one cares about except me and my family makes me cringe too. But I have to tell myself that I'm documenting our lives, this is our family history etc etc. Anyway, just wanted to say "I get it" and have always loved reading your blog.