Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We're goin' home!

In 2 1/2 days we will be back in the city!! I am so excited, I'm practically giddy. Don't get me wrong, we've had a really nice summer. We have definitely enjoyed the extra space, as well as all the traveling we have been able to do, making the rounds to all our family. But we miss our apartment, having our own stuff, going to the park everyday, seeing shows, having a routine. We really miss our friends and feeling like we are a part of a ward. We have been going to a ward here that is so nice and welcoming, but we are just not a part of it. We don't have callings and Nate and I are both missing serving and being involved. We are excited to get back to play dates and having neighbor kids over and sending ours down the hall to play with friends. Even though we live in such a small space, our building community more than makes up for it. We miss being a part of that. Seeing people we know and care for everyday. We just don't get that here. The first week in Provo, neither Nate or I could get over how quiet it was. We would go days without seeing a single person. (In our neighborhood that is). It was bizarre. So anyway, we are happy to have had a break from the tight quarters and sometimes claustrophobic nature of the city, but NY still feels like home to us right now, and we are SO happy to be going back, for what will probably be our last year. :( Lots to fit in this last year!

We are busy busy packing and getting last minute things taken care of and seeing friends and family for the last time. I am already trying to plan ahead and stay on top of things, and get enough sleep... anything I can do to avoid the horrible exhaustion headache that I get on every cross country trip we take. I think I will even try to take a nap for a couple hours on Thursday afternoon before we catch the redeye, because heaven knows I will not be getting enough sleep, and there will be lots, lots, lots to do on Friday before we can even think of relaxing. I pray everyday that I will have the energy to get it all done. Wish us luck!!
Pictures of Central Park that I took in the spring right before we left.


david said...

I read the title of your post, and instantly thought you were coming back to Sacramento.

Morgan said...

well, yes, sacramento will always be my true home! :) i will be coming to sac at the end of september though!

Bry Errin and Cannon said...

Hey! Your little Bart Is getting to big. It is crazy how fast they grow. How is NYC? Bryan and I both miss it so much! You guys have it figured out ... Spend a couple months in Utah for a break and then back to the city. We miss seeing friends everyday too and the most amazing ward. One day we will have to all get together in NYC :) your three boys are all so handsome with their big brown eyes. You are such a great mom. I am glad nothing big came out of the fire story ... That could have been scary! Love ya