Sunday, April 29, 2012

Christmas in Sacramento

We had a wonderful Christmas with my family in Sacramento this year.  I headed out with Bart and Sayer about a week before Nate and Asher, which was fun, but the real party started when everyone got there!  It was so great to be with all of my family in my parents new house, eating good food, playing Wii Just Dance, watching movies (I successfully converted my family to Downton Abby!), talking and laughing about who knows what, the little cousins having a blast together, heading over to the school behind my parents house with the kids, family training runs, shopping, wrapping presents, hosting parties, bowling, outings to the zoo and fairytale town, eating out, the Railroad Museum, parks, and so much more.
Asher practicing his flamingo stance, riding the carousel.  Joelie did NOT want to ride the carousel. :)
Kids coming down on Christmas morning in their new pjs, the tree on Christmas Eve, all 6 Busath girls and mom and dad in our new pjs, the boys opening their stockings.
Cousins watching movies together.  A common sight. Hot chocolate!!
California Railroad Museum!  A boy's heaven!
My mom owns these gems!

Day trip to San Fran... Aquarium, walking the pier, playing at the arcade, and ice cream at Ghirardelli Square.

Mastering the monkey bars!
Park fun!

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Josh and Michelle said...

I love that your moms still has all those gorgeous sweaters! Lol. I wonder If mine still has hers. You guys crack me up!