Saturday, April 28, 2012

Picture perfect Easter picnic in Central Park

It's been a long time.  I've been missing the blogging world, so I thought it was time to get back into the swing of things.  I have a lot of things to get caught up on, but I don't want to let that stop me from blogging about what's going on now.  I will start with Easter.

We had a lovely Easter weekend with practically perfect weather in NYC.  Saturday, my friend Lesley put together an amazing Easter egg hunt/picnic.  It was picture perfect, down to the last details.  I actually did manage to get some pictures in, but she did a much better job of capturing the beautiful day.  Check it out here.

The boys had an absolute blast in the open space, running around with their friends, playing around the pond, (and in Bart's case, almost walking right in... on the opposite side of the pond from where we were located.  Not my finest mothering moment), feeding the ducks, eating yummy food, finding Easter eggs, eating yummy candy, eating cake... and on and on.  While the kids were busy running from one place to the next, the adults enjoyed the perfect weather, gorgeous surroundings in Central Park, and as always, visiting with wonderful friends.  Oh, and we enjoyed the cake too.  It was seriously so delicious!!  And beautiful.

Unfortunately, I did not take a single picture on Easter Sunday, but we did have a very nice day.  After Stake Conference, we headed over to Sheep's Meadow in Central Park for a picnic with some friends.  Again, the boys loved being able to run around in the wide open space, climb rocks and play ball.  Nate's allergies started acting up, so we didn't get to enjoy the perfect day as long as I would have liked, but that's ok.  We headed home and had a relaxing afternoon which did include watching the video of the Savior's death and resurrection and a nice Easter Family Night lesson.

I am so grateful for the birth, death and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ.  I know that these events happened and am so glad that we have the opportunity to celebrate them and teach our children about the amazing blessing and miracle that it is the Atonement

Happy Easter everyone!

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