Friday, March 23, 2007

100 things about little old me...

Since I know you are all dying to know more about me, and since I love to talk about myself, I thought I would follow Jackie and Janaya's example and make my own list. And here it is....

1. When I was a kid, I hated my middle name cuz it's not really a name, but now I love it. It's Pryde.
2. I am 24. Sometimes I literally can't remember how old I am.
3. I am the third of seven children and one of 6 girls in my family
4. I have one brother who died when he was 16, I was 14. He was awesome, and anyone who knew him would agree!! His name is Joel
5. I love that there are so many girls in my family, it is something I am very proud of! I love my sisters, they all ROCK!
6. I hate my arms
7. I love my brown eyes
8. In fourth grade, my teacher nick-named me "massive Morgan", and no I was not fat! But I was the class clown...weird huh?!
9. I have never finished a book that I was supposed to read in school for a report or for class, except for ONE. It was called Number the Stars and it was in the 5th grade. It was for a book report. It is to this day still one of my favorite books, despite the fact that it is only a 5th grade reading level!
10. I hardly ever did homework in high school unless it was absolutely necessary, and can't really think how I managed to pass my classes.
11. I am lazy, but I don't like to be lazy
12. I could never write a paper until it was due in 24-48 hours. I would seriously try, but my inspiration would always come in the time frame mentioned before.
13. I was a cheerleader my Freshman and Sophomore years of highschool. My freshman year, I was the head cheerleader, so I got to yell things like, Ready? OK! and Last time! It was pretty sweet!
14. I got hit by a car when I was like 8, and when I got back in the car, my brother called me an idiot! Rude, I know!
15. I have never broken a bone or had to have stiches, or been admitted to the hospital (not counting having a baby!)
16. I have had one baby, and still don't really know what labor or contractions feel like!
17. My labor with Asher was exactly one hour and 39 minutes from start to finish. I was fully dilated when I got to the hospital. The nurse later told me that they had bets when I walked in that they would be sending me home because I was so calm. We walked in and Nate said: "Um...I think my wife might be in labor."
18. My freshman year of high school, one of my guy friends swore that he would get me drunk by senior year. Apparently, I would be a hilarious drunk.
19. I've never had a drop of alchohol in my life
20. When I run my face gets bright red
21. I had 3 "missionaries" and didn't marry any of them...although I really thought I would marry one of them.
22. I am ashamed to say that I have kissed two different guys in one day...on more than one occassion!
23. I had to wear a neck gear when I had braces, from 8th grade to my sophomore year of HS, but I could never bring myself to wear it to school depsite my mom's constant nagging. You know you wouldn't either!
25. I was in Galena from ages 7 to 18. It was my life and I loved it!!
26. I don't like going to dance technique classes, but I LOVED folk dance and galena rehearsals. It's always been where my best friends are
27. I love to perform
28. I love to dance (except in technique classes!)
29. I hate doing my hair
30. I hate putting on mascara, but love what it does for my lashes!
31. I love to sleep
32. Waking up in the morning is possibly the worst thing in the world!! (unless it's Christmas morning!)
33. In HS, I woke up at 4am every morning and did a paper route, then went to seminary, then to cheer practice, then to school at 8am. I went to bed at 9pm every night.
34. I hate stupid drivers, so therefore, I hate driving in Provo.
35. I love to camp
36. I love the beach and I love to swim, but I hate wearing a swimsuit. I think it is safe to say that I have NEVER felt comfortable in a swimsuit. But that is a goal of mine.
37. I have a sweets problem. I can (and have) eat a whole cake or a whole pan of brownies by myself...seriously, it's that bad!
38. I have a bright red birth mark on my tummy
39. My mom said that I was homely when I was born...sad but true.
40. I hate my nose, and am very self conscious of my profile because of it. My sisters say it looks like a witch's nose
41. I am (or was I should say) a certified Lifegaurd but have never had a job as a lifeguard
42. I am a certified Medical Assistant, and am certified to start IVs
43. I am totally afraid of getting in a car accident. Because of this fear, I am a very good driver. I am constantly aware of everyone and everything around me.
44. I am a nag when Nate drives. I am always saying "Nate!" and grabbing onto that bar on the ceiling. I swear, I don't know how he doesn't get in car accidents when I am not in the car with him
45. My favorite foods are baked popcorn and chips and salsa
46. I love to bake. I love trying Martha's fancy recipes and I get so proud of myself everytime I make something delicious...which is always!! :)
47. I hate spending money, which you would think would be a good thing, but in my case, it means I never buy anything for myself, which means my clothes are never in fashion
48. I am not a fashion expert by any means, but I think wearing stretch pants under a skirt or long shirt is so ugly...sorry to anyone out there who wears that. But seriously, who said that looked good? I just don't get it.
49. I hate to go shopping because I feel like I can't buy anything I want, but then when I am actually looking for something specific that I really will buy, I can never find it!
50. I love giving gifts
51. My nicer nicknames are: Morg, Morgs, Morga-porg, Morgie-pie, Morgie-poo, Morga, Morgy. Some of Nate's for me are: Mor-ganswer-to my prayers, Morgaliscious
52. I am usually quiet upon first meeting someone, but can really be quite obnoxious
53. I have never voted, I know, how unpatriotic and irresponsible am I?!
54. My favorite class at BYU was Human Physiology
55. The very last test I took at BYU was at the testing center, and it was the only time that there was ever a "congratulations" flashing across the screen next to my id number and man did it feel good! It was my Stats final by the way!
56. I have always had a hard time getting jobs, but when I do get the job, my employers always love me. So I guess all those other people are missing out!
57. I love to daydream. I had plenty of time to do it too, during every class period for 4 years at BYU. (and you wonder why I only had the "congratulations" once?!)
58. I was swimming in the deep end of the bagozzi's pool when I was 2 years old
59. I used to always run around naked as a child (over to the bagozzi's house)
60. Pretty much everytime I tried to cheat on a test in elementary or high school, I got caught! I guess that means I'm a lousy cheat!
61. All I have ever wanted is to be a mom!
62. My husband is my best friend. We talk on the phone ALL THE TIME! Even when he is in town...all the time, every day. My family can attest to this.
63. I always have dreams where my teeth are falling out and where I am being chased but can't run fast....I'm sure there is some deep meaning behind these dreams, perhaps someone could enlighten me
64. I want to learn to play the mandolin
65. Nate and I are going to have a family band one day... and we will be so cool! (and so will our kids! :) )
66. I am 7 years younger than my husband
67. I love cheesy love story movies, like the prince and me and 13 going on 30. Seriously LOVE them, and I'm not even ashamed...ok, maybe I am a little!
68. I think Tom Hanks is my favorite actor
69. Jake Gyllenhaal and Christian Bale are two of Hollywood's finest, and by finest I mean hottest!
70. I was always the first one to fall asleep at sleepovers
71. I love to travel. I have been to England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Turkey, Hawaii, Mexico and some places in the US
72. If I could live anywhere it would be in Lexington beautiful!
73. I love Broadway musicals and have a secret dream of singing and dancing on broadway
74. I had my first kiss my Junior year of HS, I know, I was a late bloomer
75. The last person I dated before Nate was his best friend...when I started to date Nate (ha, a rhyme!) it was not a good situation, but it all worked out in the end
76. I lived for show week (both galena and folk dance)
77. I was in the opening ceremonies of the 2002 winter olympics...I was the one dancing like a train! :)
78. Things that give me the heeby jeebies are spiders, the thought of bones breaking and poking out through the skin, and nails on the chalkboard, aaghh!!
79. My favorite TV shows are Grey's Anatomy, The Office, A.Idol, and So you think you can dance, although I have been very disapointed with Idol this season, don't know why.
80. I love to plan and make lists...whether or not I actually do the things on my list is another story
81. I don't read very often, but when I do it consumes me. I don't do anything for the few days it takes me to read a book. I think it is impossible for me to read a book over a period of time. If it is worth reading at all, it must be read in a few days time!
82. I like cardmaking, but hate scrapbooking
83. I love truly is the happiest place on earth!
84. I love is amazing how music can change a lame activity such as cleaning the house, into a fun time. I also love the ability music has to take me back to a very specific moment years ago.
85. I don't think there is anything better than a newly vaccumed floor, it makes it feel like a whole new room. That together with rays of sunshine from an open window makes for a very happy me
86. I love Christmas...wrapping presents, music, etc. It is my job each year to put the presents out under the tree (or should I say across the family room floor...we have a lot of people, ok?!) in an aesthetically pleasing manner. I love it!
87. I like to do puzzles...dorky, I know.
88. I have been in 2 car accidents (neither of them was me driving, cause I'm a good driver, remember?!) The first with my dad on the way to Galena. The second with my mom...she ran into a lesbian couple on their motorcycle in SanFran. The one started beating on my moms window saying, and I quote: "you almost killed my F****n' girlfriend!" Needless to say, Whit and I went around locking all the doors!
89. I love to play games and am very competitive
90. I have about 6 best girlfriends who I don't see very often, but when I do see them, it's like we were never apart. I know I will be friends with all of them forever!
91. I love being a mother
92. I love to go into Asher's room after he is asleep and look at him...he is so precious!
93. I used to swim competitively with the Arden Hills Otters
94. Our family has a tradition of camping at New Brighton Beach in Santa Cruz, CA each year over Memorial Day Weekend, and I love it
95. I have a very sensitive nose, if you squeeze it too hard, it will start to bleed
96. My favorite movie is probably Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth version of course, although the new one is equally good in a different way)
97. Family and the Gospel are the most important things to me
98. My favorite book (besides number the stars) is the Kite Runner, which is surprisingly not a love story!
99. I have my degree from BYU in Recreation Therapy, and am thinking about going back to school to become a nurse
100. I love to be with old friends and laugh and reminise (sp?) about the old days. So fun!

Whew..I did it. At about number 65 I started to run out of things and got a little panicked, but then I picked up my second wind and was on a role!

P.S. Upon looking at the picture of Asher in the bath in my last post, I can't help but think that it looks like the sponge he is holding is a microphone and he is charismatically singing into it. Wouldn't you agree!!


janaya said...

#22 - me too. don't feel bad. relish in your feminine-wiles. :) add that the two boys were your best friends "ex" boyfriends and you have yourself something to be ashamed about... sorta. ;)

great list. nice work. takes forever, huh?

ben and whitney shafer family said...

that car accident with the lesbian couple was pretty freaky, but now it's pretty funny. i forgot about that.

Jessica said...

Ok,so I know this is a little weird but I was looking at one of my friends blogs and she had a link to one of my h.s. friends brothers, who was linked to you. Make sense? Anyways, I haven't seen you for like 5 years and when I saw your blog I was so excited. Anyways, now I can keep in touch. Check us out
Jessica (Davies) Mortensen

Lauren Oviatt said...

Hi Morgan. We've never met but we're soon to be extended family. :) Katie Rynearson was a dear friend of mine in the dorms and told me about your connection to my family. My sister Tessa is Duffy's fiance. :) small world! anyway, your baby is so cute. are you planning on coming to the wedding? I'm at

Danielle said...

morgan # 82 is a sin girl LOL... and you live in utah too....

Anonymous said...

this makes for interesting reading

Lisa said...

Actually, you left out at least one country: Czech Republic -- how could you forget? It was sooo hot and your jazz shoes were melting on the asphalt during the festival show. You also had to do costume changes in the bushes! I have learned a lot about my daughters from these lists of "100 things about me." Very enlightening! Love, Mom

Lisa said...

Also...I must defend myself for using the wrong choice of adjective one time! As I have said umpteen times, you were NOT homely when you were a baby. You were SICK - type B strep to be exact. You were an adorable baby, as your baby pictures will attest, but alas, I will never live down this one slip of the tongue!