Friday, March 16, 2007

A little road trip

Nate had a gig in Jackson this last Tuesday, so we thought that would be a nice excuse to go visit our friends from Sac, Josh and Michelle Stewart in Driggs. We drove Monday night and dropped Jillian off in Rexburg to visit Nicole Bagozzi, then drove on to Driggs (which is just 40 minutes or so from Jackson). It was so fun to visit with old friends and see eachothers kids. Other than passing through, this was my first trip to Idaho, pathetic, I know. But it was quite beautiful. Here are some pics from the trip.

This is Asher with Callie (4) and Bailey (2)

Me and Michelle with the girls

This picture is kind of blurry, but I thought it was a cute one of the fam

Asher was anything but a trooper. He would wake up each morning at around 5 am and never go back to sleep. This is him the morning we left to go home. He was such a basket case because he was so tired, so we just put him in our bed while we packed. Thankfully, he was content to just lie there watching us.

Despite our basket case of a child, the trip was very fun and well worth it. After all, Nate was able to purchase a sweet cowboy hat for his future cowboy gigs!!


danielle said...

thanks for posting pics of my girls morgan i miss them soooooo much... callie has totally changed in her looks since i saw her....

glad you had a good time in
i-da-hoe.. (sorenson family joke)

Asher is a cute little boy!

Scott and Katie said...

Sounds so fun! We had a little trip this past weekend too and my girls slept horribly! It was a pain, but luckily we are getting back to normal!

Anonymous said...

what cute kids!

Joshua said...

Hey Morgs it was way fun too have you come visit. Ever since then the girls play that they are Morgan and thier baby dolls are Asher. Way cute!