Monday, April 16, 2007

Durango Bluegrass Meltdown

This weekend Asher and I went with Nate and his band Cold Creek, to Durango CO for a bluegrass festival that they were playing in. It was actually very fun. The drive was so nice and beautiful, and the little town there is so cute. We got there on Friday afternoon, just in time for the band to go on stage at the local High School. I was lucky enough to have my own private daycare in the drama room behind the stage. Andrea had her kids too, and her husband didn't get there until late Friday night, so I watched them during the show. It actually wasn't bad at all. Asher just watched and laughed as Luke and Jace ran around him, stopping every once in awhile to steal his toy! The high schoolers loved them. Nate thought he was so hilarious because the high schoolers laughed at his jokes! :) Anyone who knows my husband's sense of humor, I'm sure you can just imagine him being his obnoxious self! Just kidding babe! He actually is really good on stage, and all of their crowds thought he was hilarious.

After we checked into the hotel, we went to dinner at the bar (yes, bar) that the band was going to be playing at later that evening. We got 50% off, and the food was quite good. I had to leave early to put Asher to bed. The poor little guy had been up practically all day. So I spent the rest of the evening reading and relaxing in our hotel room (with a moniter for Andrea's sleeping kids) while they played for 4 hours at the bar.

The next morning, they had a really good show (that I missed...Asher had a 3 hour long morning nap!) I met up with them just in time for a quick bite to eat, and then their next show. I got some videos of their shows and thought that I would include a couple fun songs. This is one of my favorites. "Ride on a Train" by Judith Edleman. Andrea sings it and she has the most awesome bluegrass voice, I love it! (If you listen closely, you can hear Asher squealing from the floor)

Asher was Mr Charmer the whole weekend. He LOVED all the attention that he got from everyone (all the old ladies especially). Everyone just thought he was so cute. This one lady just could not help herself. She had to hold him. She kept saying how "beautiful" he was. This is Asher with her. He loved her cowboy hat. I must say that he looks pretty darn cute in it.

On Sunday, we slept in, relaxed, and walked around town and went into all the fun little shops. Asher was so good all weekend. He even slept pretty well which was wonderful. I think he started to get really sick of his stroller as well as sitting there during the concerts. Although, most of the time, he loved the concerts. When the crowd would clap, he would get so excited and squeal, and bounce up and down, waving his arms all over the cute! One older man came up to me and said that they have a 16 year old that they used to bring to stuff like this when she was a baby, and she turned out to have the best rythm. So that will be pretty sweet if Asher turns out that way. Nate and I were saying how much fun it would be to bring him when he is older and understands and appreciates the music more. Well, we assume he will appreciate bluegrass, it might backfire on us, and he might totally hate it due to over-exposure!

Here is a video clip of the encore song that they did for their last concert. I can't remember what it's called, white house blues or something like that. But it is such a fun song.

After their last concert, we went back to the hotel, packed up and hit the road. We decided it would be much easier to travel with Asher sleeping... and it was! Nate LOVED Durango, and I think he would love to go back just for a fun vacation. The Animas River is so gorgeous, and it looks like it would be so fun to do a river rafting trip and hikes. I totally recomend it for a quick weekend getaway. By the way, Asher looks like he is laughing in this picture, but he is totally crying. Just thought you would like to know! :)


Gretchen&Robert said...

Hi Morgan! Yes, it's Gretchen from Galena! Thanks for sharing your blog. Loved the bluegrass! And it's so fun to see pics of everyone (all grown up!). I just visited Jen(ny) (Anderson) Fass in Austin, but I didn't get to see Summer and Brooklyn. I'll definitely check out Whitney's blog too!

McPhie Family said...

Yes, I'm so happy you found our blog! Please check up on us, and we'll do the same! I can't wait to tell Ryan that we've got your blog link! ~ Kristin

Heidi said...

Morgan- I just received your comment on my blog and I had to say something back. That is really crazy how many friends we have in common! Katie and I went to high school together and then BYU. Last year I lived in Texas and that is where I became friends with Summer. And I know Jessica because her husband is close friends with my husband. I didn't know she used to live in Sacramento though! very small world!