Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fun with the Fam...

So I have not been a very dilligent blogger lately. We've been out of town, and then I have just been lazy. But I am here now to share a few new happenings. First off, the Busath Fam had a fabulous vacay in Lake Tahoe during the second week of August. Nate couldn't go because of some gigs, he is a big time musician you know! :) So Asher and I had the privelage of taking the train to Truckee. I was a little nervous about the kind of people that we might find on the train, but it ended up being not too bad, only about 1/3 white trash! I was also nervous that Asher wouldn't sleep all night and that people would be giving me crustys all night because he was keeping them up. But once the train started, he was out, and pretty much stayed out until 7am. Then he even took a morning nap for me (which was good, because I was really the one that needed one) then the rest of the time we just played with cars, ate crackers, and charmed people in the lounge car. It was very long, but overall, not too bad. I'm not sure if I would do it again by myself, but it was cheap, and at least he wasn't couped up in his car seat the entire time.

So anywho, tahoe was so awesome. It is sooooo gorgeous there. The weather was absolutely perfect, and the water really wasn't that bad. We stayed at a cabin owned by some family friends, and basically just hung out for a week. Our days mainly consisted of lazing about and asking people to rub our feet or scoop us some ice cream "while they were up", it was awesome. We watched movies, ate lots of good food, played Settlers and many rousing games of Mormon Bridge, and just talked and laughed. I must say that us Busath girls are quite entertaining. We spent an entire evening suggesting baby names for Ben and Whitney's unborn children...seriously, ALL NIGHT! It was so fun. For some reason though, Ben didn't think the names Ginger and Cinnimon belonged in their top five...crazy, I know! Then Jillian and I started discussing possible ways to land ourselves on Oprah, (see Jillian's blog). Our ideas thus far have been to have all six sisters co-author a fascinating book about our lives, Michelle Stewart made a comment to maybe do a huge humanitarian project, and then recently I have been thinking maybe we should just write a screenplay, then we could get on Oprah, win an oscar, and then be on every talk show known to man...the perfect plan! Now we just need a fascinating story, then we will be on our way!

After Tahoe, the fam came back to provo for a few days to see Ben graduate. That was fun...more food, more lazing about on couches discussing sweet nothings and playing "would you rather", with the exception of our sisters/mother outing to West Coast Beauty Supply, where we all used Ashley's discount to stock up on gallon jugs of shampoo and gel...I think the total was close to $200...awesome! Thanks again Ash!

Everyone has now gone, my house is finally in order again with my family room furniture neatly rearanged (I LOVE doing that! It's like moving into a whole new room!) Life is back to normal and I am actually getting so excited for Fall. I am so done with hotness, and am ready to decorate my house with something festive.

Stay tuned for Asher's Adventures, including Asher in Tahoe and Asher's new tricks!


Summer Adams said...

LOL! You guys are such a fun family :) I love Tahoe and am so jealous you went. We have a cabin there and I was too sick this trip to go. Glad y'all had a great time!

Melanie and Will said...

glad to see you back!!! ummm, okay, did i miss something??? guess we're out of the loop here, but ben and whit are expecting again??? or just names for when they will be expecting again!? i must know!

your family trip sounded fabulous. i'm a bit jealous. we are taking our own little fam on a short vacay to san diego over labor day weekend (my bday...woohoo the 3-0!!!! ugh) so looking forward to that.

and i'm soooo with you on the "hotness" to be OVER with!!! it's horrible here! i'm ready for some cooler weather too for sure.

Nate, Morgan and Asher said...

clarification...ben and whit are NOT expecting far as I know! ;) just names for the future because they were having some disagreement issues, but I believe that they now have a nice long list!

whitney said...

good times... maybe we take ourselves a little too seriously, but i must say that the busath sisters really are the funniest people alive. :)

thanks for clearing that up, morg. gretchen left a comment on my blog asking the same thing. luckily, though, i am not expecting right now. :)