Thursday, August 02, 2007

ok, I'll do it too!

I usually don't do stuff like this on my blog, but I thought it would be fun...

places I've worked
1-central ut clinic imaging center
2-new haven residential treatment center
3-home assistant for joyce bunderson
4-trainer at DI (one of the funnest jobs ever!)

movies I can watch over and over
1-pride and prejudice
2-you've got mail
3-father of the bride 1 and 2
4-october sky

places I've lived
1-sacramento, ca
2-provo, ut shipp 115
3-provo, ut
4-and provo, ut

favorite tv shows
1-so you think you can dance?
2-the office
3-grey's anatomy
4-hell's kitchen

places I've been
1-british isles (england, ireland, scotland)
2-germany, austria, switzerland
3-France and belgium
4-mexico and hawaii...and new york, I love new york!
5-sorry, I'm cheating...turkey (so cool)

favorite foods
2-baked popcorn
3-chips and salsa
4-cafe rio salads (oood, that sounds so good right now!)

majors I've considered
2-occupational therapy (that's more of a career, not a major, oh well)
4-exercise science
and some how recreational therapy won out over all of those! :)

places I'd rather be
1-relaxing on the beach, prefferably either in Santa Cruz with the fam or Hawaii with my hubby!
2-new york city, with loads of money to spend on shows, good eats, and clothes!!
3-in the bath...I LOVE baths!
4-a cabin in lake tahoe...only one week til we go! :)

Ok, there you go, little insights into my soul! If you feel so inclined, tells us a little about yourself!

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Ellen said...

I like you selection of movies that you could watch over and over. Some of them remind me of someone...