Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!!

This is a couple days late, cause I wanted Whit's birthday tribute to have a few days of glory by itself! But my mom's birthday was this last Saturday the 29th. Again, I am not positive how old she is, I'm sure I could figure it out if I just added 20 to Whit's age, as she had her 2 days before she turned 20, but I'm sure my mom wouldn't want everyone to know anyway! ;) hehe!

Anyone who knows my mom, knows that she is like the energizer bunny...she just keeps going and going and going. When I got home from BYU after my Freshman year, I was amazed at how busy my mom was with all the things she was involved with: Galena, work, church, household stuff, all my sisters' stuff (piano, ballet, voice, school, etc), and so much more. On Holidays and special occassions, she goes all out. She will be busy all day baking rolls, pies, cooking turkeys, setting the table with fine china, making sure the tablecloths are neatly pressed, using her natural aesthetic sense to put together a beautiful table spread, even down to the smallest detail of making sure the house smells wonderful with a delicious scented candle. I love it. I truly admire my mom in this way (and others of course), as I hope I am the type of mom someday, where everything that I do is for my children. My mom may be crazy busy all the time, but everything she does is for us kids, and she always takes time out to take us to lunch, or to come visit, or to dress us during a galena show, and she always makes sure that she is there for the things that are important to us.

Another one of my favorite things about my mom, is that she's just like a teenage girl at heart. She loves to know all the gossip, and get's really excited about silly things, just like all of her daughters do. She's right there with us when we have one of our lazy laughing/talking sessions. I think that is why she was blessed (yes blessed) with 6 beautiful daughters!! :) She's the perfect mom for all girls: loves to go shopping, plan parties and weddings (which she still has 4 more to go, so that's a good thing!) and all that fun girly stuff. She even loves the Twilight series too!!

Apart from all the fun and silliness, my mom is truly a spiritual woman. She loves the gospel with all her heart, and as I have gotten older, I have noticed a lot of spiritual growth and maturity in my mom. I know that she works hard at her testimony, and encourages us to do the same. It has always been very clear what my mom believes, as she lives what she believes, and I have always been grateful for that example.

Happy birthday mom! I hope you had a fabulous day!

Fun Facts about Mom:
1. she snorts when she laughs
2. she laughs a lot, and loudly during movies :)
3. she is a mad in super fast!
4. she used to be a drama freak in HS
5. she can still do the splits!
6. she makes the best dinner rolls, but only until I start making them better than her! ;)
7. she has a "square nose"
8. she sometimes forgets when she has told you something, and then proceeds to tell you the entire story all over again! :)
9. she has a new found love for scrapbooking
10.she is a court reporter, and has a very good reputation in her field. Way to go Mom!!
11.she has two (wait 3) miniature dachsunds whom she loves just as much, if not more than her own children!
12.she single handedly tracked down one of our stolen puppies with nothing but a number from caller id!


Josh and Michelle said...

What Lisa does the split how come I never knew that? I think next time I am in town for a fast sunday dinner(If that is ever, oh I miss those!) she is going to have to put on a show.

Seriously though Morgs your birthday tributes are always so sweetand full of Love. They are beautiful.

Jillian said...

Yay mom!!!

Gretchen&Robert said...

Wow! I'm also totally impressed by Lisa can do the splits! I don't even think I can anymore!! Way to go Lisa!!! Happy Birthday!

Bill & Lisa Busath said...

Thanks, Morgan, for such a nice birthday tribute. I didn't know doing the splits is such a big deal, but I suppose at 48 it is. the reason I can still do them is because I think I pulled something when I was dancing in my younger days. Ever since then all I need to do is warm up a little. It makes my girls a little envious! so there you have it.

Ty & Sarah Bennett said...

Morgan...I'm on the blogger network! Your page is soooo cute. check me