Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Whit!!

Yesterday was my big sister Whitney's 28th birthday! Wow Whit, you are getting old!! The big 3-0 is practically around the corner. :) Goodness...what to say about Whitney?! She is basically my best friend. That wasn't always the case though. I am absolutely positive that she hated me up until about my Freshman year in HS, and I was quite afraid of her myself, so there wasn't a whole lot of friendship going on there for the first 14 years of our relationship! We shared a room forever, and whitney was so mean. We slept in the same full size bed with a gold frame that had rods for a headboard. Whit used to show me a certain rod in the middle of the bed and say "don't you DARE cross over this invisible line!" It was enough to instill fear in anyone. She also used to sleep on the floor some nights so she wouldn't have to be near me. But then once she went away to BYU, we were instant best friends. Now, I don't know how that happens, but I think it is rather common. Whit and I were always able to be silly together and have a fun time after that. She even hosted me in UT when I went to audition for a folk dance scholarship when I was a senior in HS. She showed me a truly good time!!

At BYU, we were both in the folk dance program, and were sooooo excited when both made the touring team, as we had never had the opportunity to dance on the same team, or tour together. We got to do the Olympic festivities, tour, as well as live together. We really grew very close through those years, and did practically everything with each other.
Me and Whit at Opening Ceremonies
Me and Whit at Light of the World: she is in Turkish and I am in Hungarian Bottle Dance
Me and Whit in Hopak
Me and Whit with Jessie and Marsha. This was the last show for all 3 of them! :(
Whitney is such a great example to me of determination and hard work. She has always been an amazing singer and dancer, and when she decided that she wanted to make that her livelihood, she didn't stop until she achieved it, as she graduated in music, dance, theater. One thing that I have really noticed about whitney lately, is that she is genuinely concerned for my happiness and success in life. I never feel like whitney wants to be better than me or compete with me (which I think is saying something when you come from a family of all girls, on top of spending your life in the dancing world!). When something great comes my way, she is sincerely happy. And when I lose 5 lbs, whit is the first to notice and compliment me. I think this has stuck out to me so much, because it was not her usual behavior when we were younger. Whit will be the first to admit that she was a brat when we were younger, and we can only say that now because she isn't anymore! Whitney is a very happy, fun, person, with an amazing husband and adorable children, to whom she is a great wife and mother to. I know she loves the gospel and has truly built her life around it. I love her so much and am so grateful for the relationship that I have with her. Besides Nate, she is usually the first to know everything going on in my life. I love being in the same stage of life as her and being able share similar experiences. I love you whit, and hope you had a fabulous birthday!!


buhlersdayoff said...

Cute!! Happy Birthday Whitney!

whitney said...

oh thanks, morg! :) love you too!

Bill & Lisa Busath said...

Happy Birthday, Whit! I can't believe you're so old -- that means I'm getting old too! Love, Mom

Jackie said...

Ah, man. This kinda got me emotional. I sure do love Whit too!

Aren't sisters the best??