Thursday, August 30, 2007

I caved...

Ok, so I FINALLY gave in and picked up Twilight...BIG MISTAKE!! Since Saturday afternoon, I have gotten absolutely nothing accomplished and thought about nothing else beyond the characters in these books. I've been hesitant to pick up the first book because I knew this would happen. On Monday, I called a million (ok, like 3) different stores to find availability and pricing on New Moon, but that was the one book that NOBODY had. I have never made so many trips to different stores just for a book, on a whim I decided to stop at Seagull Books (never go there), they didn't have it at that store, but they did have 2 left over in East Bay...yay!! So I went totally out of my way to get the second and third books, soooo pathetic, but I just couldn't imagine waiting ONE MORE DAY! It was so worth it, and I was NOT disappointed, although I am now! I just finished the third book and now I have to wait like a year for the next one, I should have just waited til then to read them. Oh well.

WARNING!! If you have not read these books and are planning on reading them, read no further, major spoilers will follow!! Or, if you are a guy or a girl who hates pathetic love stories, again, read no further! But if you have read them, and are all about romance, then please join me in my pathetic-ness!!

I just have to say! Could Edward be any more perfect? I have to admit that occasionally, I don't know what he sees in Bella, she can be kind of retarded sometimes, although I guess she is only 17, well, 18 I guess. Also...ok, so I finished the first book, of course totally in love with Edward. I had heard something about a werewolf and figured that it would be Jacob who would take that role, and that there might be some kind of love triangle, and I just remember thinking, yeah right, like anyone could compare to Edward. But I have to say, that the author did a very good job of making Jacob very loveable as well (probably because Edward was no where to be heard from for the majority of the book). But I have to admit that at the end of book 2, I was rooting for Jacob, and I was a little sad about it. But I was not disappointed in book 3. Edward DEFINATELY redeems himself for being a jerk-o, and you really just can't ignore a perfect man like that. I guess though, when you have had 80 years to work on it, you'd BETTER be pretty darn perfect! But...sadness for Jacob! My heart does ache for him!

So, is it so pathetic that I totally analyze how I feel about everything and everyone in these books? I think I am really just sad that I don't have anymore to read and so I feel the need to talk about it with people who understand! ;) The good thing is, it will have been long enough when the 4th book comes out that I won't feel totally lame about reading all 3 books again before it comes out (Nate will NOT be happy about that! I tend to get a little consumed!). Something to look forward to! Ha, JK, I do have a life, that I WILL get back to... just not right this second! :) Oh, and is the 4th book the last book? Anyone know?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fun with the Fam...

So I have not been a very dilligent blogger lately. We've been out of town, and then I have just been lazy. But I am here now to share a few new happenings. First off, the Busath Fam had a fabulous vacay in Lake Tahoe during the second week of August. Nate couldn't go because of some gigs, he is a big time musician you know! :) So Asher and I had the privelage of taking the train to Truckee. I was a little nervous about the kind of people that we might find on the train, but it ended up being not too bad, only about 1/3 white trash! I was also nervous that Asher wouldn't sleep all night and that people would be giving me crustys all night because he was keeping them up. But once the train started, he was out, and pretty much stayed out until 7am. Then he even took a morning nap for me (which was good, because I was really the one that needed one) then the rest of the time we just played with cars, ate crackers, and charmed people in the lounge car. It was very long, but overall, not too bad. I'm not sure if I would do it again by myself, but it was cheap, and at least he wasn't couped up in his car seat the entire time.

So anywho, tahoe was so awesome. It is sooooo gorgeous there. The weather was absolutely perfect, and the water really wasn't that bad. We stayed at a cabin owned by some family friends, and basically just hung out for a week. Our days mainly consisted of lazing about and asking people to rub our feet or scoop us some ice cream "while they were up", it was awesome. We watched movies, ate lots of good food, played Settlers and many rousing games of Mormon Bridge, and just talked and laughed. I must say that us Busath girls are quite entertaining. We spent an entire evening suggesting baby names for Ben and Whitney's unborn children...seriously, ALL NIGHT! It was so fun. For some reason though, Ben didn't think the names Ginger and Cinnimon belonged in their top five...crazy, I know! Then Jillian and I started discussing possible ways to land ourselves on Oprah, (see Jillian's blog). Our ideas thus far have been to have all six sisters co-author a fascinating book about our lives, Michelle Stewart made a comment to maybe do a huge humanitarian project, and then recently I have been thinking maybe we should just write a screenplay, then we could get on Oprah, win an oscar, and then be on every talk show known to man...the perfect plan! Now we just need a fascinating story, then we will be on our way!

After Tahoe, the fam came back to provo for a few days to see Ben graduate. That was fun...more food, more lazing about on couches discussing sweet nothings and playing "would you rather", with the exception of our sisters/mother outing to West Coast Beauty Supply, where we all used Ashley's discount to stock up on gallon jugs of shampoo and gel...I think the total was close to $200...awesome! Thanks again Ash!

Everyone has now gone, my house is finally in order again with my family room furniture neatly rearanged (I LOVE doing that! It's like moving into a whole new room!) Life is back to normal and I am actually getting so excited for Fall. I am so done with hotness, and am ready to decorate my house with something festive.

Stay tuned for Asher's Adventures, including Asher in Tahoe and Asher's new tricks!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Asher's Birthday Celebration...

On Monday night was Asher's birthday, but Nate had a gig that night, so we decided that we would have a little party on Tuesday night. On Monday, Mom and Asher met the Shafers at Seven Peaks for a night-o-fun. Asher LOVES to swim, so we thought that would be the perfect birthday activity. On Tuesday we had a little party with the Shafers, and Asher was so excited to have people over. This picture is the only one that I took on his actual birthday. It is so annoying to take pictures of him these days, cause he won't sit still or look at the camera.

First we ate dinner which consisted of spaghetti and garlic bread, then we let Asher open his presents. He didn't really care too much about the opening of the packages, but once they were open, he seemed to get pretty excited about most of the toys. After presents we sat him in his chair (with a drop cloth underneath) to have his first taste of cake. He was a little concerned at first and didn't really care for the feel of the frosting on his fingers. But once he had a taste or two, he warmed up, and by the end, he looked like he had eaten almost half of the little 6 in cake.

Here's a clean Asher...

And here is a messy, happy Asher...How cute is that kid??!!

We took video of all the highlights of the evening, opening presents and eating cake. He's pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself!! :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

A year in the life of Asher...

Ok, so it's really his only year so far! :) Today is Asher's first birthday! I can hardly believe that it has been a year since he was born. And what an amazing year it has been. Asher has brought so much joy into our lives, and it is amazing how much we have fallen in love with him. Sometimes I just sit and watch him, and I can't take how cute and precious he is, I just want to squeeze him he is so cute! He has been growing so much and definately showing signs of getting older. He is such a little jabber mouth, he LOVES to talk. He of course thinks that he has his own little language that only he understands, but it sure is the cutest little language I have ever heard! I will have to get him doing it on video sometime today, so that I can post it with the rest of his birthday stuff.

Anyway, we feel so blessed to have Asher in our lives and can't wait to see the boy and man that he will become. We love being parents, and can't wait to meet all the children that will come into our little family. I put together a little montage of Asher's first year of life. It is always so fun to go back and look at pictures when they were younger. It is amazing how much and how fast they change. I have to say though, that he has never been cuter than he is right now!

Happy Birthday to Asher, we hope that you have a fabulous day!! :)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

My new doo...

So, it's actually been a few weeks since I did this, but I haven't shared with you all. But I am now a blonde. Well, the under part of my hair is still dark, but me and Ash decided that when we do my roots, we will add more blonde. I did this at the insistent requests of my husband Nate (as if you don't know who Nate is) he has wanted me to go blonde forever. Well, he wants me to be like platinum blonde, yeah, I don't think so. I was really nervous, but Ashley (my sister just younger than me) did such a great job. I love the color, and she did such a good job blending. She is such a natural at color. So anyway, here are a couple of random pics of me and my new hair.

ok, I'll do it too!

I usually don't do stuff like this on my blog, but I thought it would be fun...

places I've worked
1-central ut clinic imaging center
2-new haven residential treatment center
3-home assistant for joyce bunderson
4-trainer at DI (one of the funnest jobs ever!)

movies I can watch over and over
1-pride and prejudice
2-you've got mail
3-father of the bride 1 and 2
4-october sky

places I've lived
1-sacramento, ca
2-provo, ut shipp 115
3-provo, ut
4-and provo, ut

favorite tv shows
1-so you think you can dance?
2-the office
3-grey's anatomy
4-hell's kitchen

places I've been
1-british isles (england, ireland, scotland)
2-germany, austria, switzerland
3-France and belgium
4-mexico and hawaii...and new york, I love new york!
5-sorry, I'm cheating...turkey (so cool)

favorite foods
2-baked popcorn
3-chips and salsa
4-cafe rio salads (oood, that sounds so good right now!)

majors I've considered
2-occupational therapy (that's more of a career, not a major, oh well)
4-exercise science
and some how recreational therapy won out over all of those! :)

places I'd rather be
1-relaxing on the beach, prefferably either in Santa Cruz with the fam or Hawaii with my hubby!
2-new york city, with loads of money to spend on shows, good eats, and clothes!!
3-in the bath...I LOVE baths!
4-a cabin in lake tahoe...only one week til we go! :)

Ok, there you go, little insights into my soul! If you feel so inclined, tells us a little about yourself!

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