Sunday, October 05, 2008

Central Park Zoo

Asher and Ella watching the polar bears

On Monday, a new friend of ours, Kendra, (introduced to us by Michal) invited the kids and I to go to the Central Park Zoo with her and her youngest girl. They have season passes which gets a guest in for free- sa-WEET!! I didn't get a ton of pictures, as Asher was mostly just running around, but we all had a good time. They have a little children's zoo with birds and fish and bunnies and a petting zoo, and all that kind of stuff. The actual zoo isn't very big, but I thought the exhibits that they did have were great. Apparently we totally lucked out and came across the polar bears on a very active day. Kendra said they are almost never out and about, but one of them was just swimming back and forth for the whole time that we were there. It was so cool to see how enormous they are, and to be so close.

Here's Sayer watching the polar bears

We also saw the penguins (which, like ALL penguin exhibits, totally reeked. Blah!) and the seals. It was also a nice little walk through Central Park to get from the subway to the zoo. And, I successfully maneuvered the stroller down the stairs of the subway, by myself. Good to know I can manage that as I am always really nervous to go on the subway with the kids without Nate because of the stairs.

Anyway... thanks again Kendra, we had tons of fun!


James, Cameo, and Jacob said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time - I love zoos!! That polar bear is Eeenormous - wow!!

Kendra Leigh said...

yay! we had fun, too!