Sunday, October 05, 2008

Night on the town

Me and Nate at Pete's Candy Store (that's the name of the bar!)

A friend of mine in our building organized a co-op for babysitting so that we can all take advantage of the city. So on Monday night Nate and I took a little train ride to Brooklyn to see a celtic singer and fiddler, Lissa Schneckenburger. Yes that is her real name. She even got married and kept THAT last name...

Anyway... we went to dinner first and then to the concert, which was at a bar, starting at 10:30 PM. So even though it was late, totally out in the middle of now where in Brooklyn, and we had to pay $4 for 2 diet cokes (with NO free refills... bars are ridiculous), it was a really great show and totally worth the trip. It was so nice to listen to some familiar music. I think it was much needed for both of us, especially Nate, as he hasn't gotten to play much since he has been here. It was also so nice to go out just the two of us, which was much needed as well.


Sarah & Ty said...

What a great night. always nice when you can get away, just the two of you. I can't imagine a late night like that though. That seems so far away right now. I bet you are LOVING NY. How fun!!! Life is great here. 2 kids is a much better adjustment than I thought. I'm lovin' it so far!

Corrales Clan said...

Your life is so full of adventure! I love reading your blog!