Thursday, February 12, 2009

The dog show

This little guy won Best in Show, and I was so glad. He is so sweet looking, how could you not want to cuddle him? And I am not even a dog lover.

Guess where I went this Tuesday night? The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. You know, the kind of dog show that gets made fun of in "Best in Show". It was pretty fun. You definitely get some characters sitting around you, commenting on how big of a contender this dog is and how that dog is really at the top of his game. Weird that people get so into this. It was at Madison Square Garden, which I had never been to before. It was cool, not a bad seat in the house, seriously. I went with my friend Natalie, and we had great fun commenting on the outrageous things people do to their dogs and eating overpriced burgers and chicken fingers and cotton candy. Thanks Natalie for a fantastic night out!
This isn't a good picture, but this Chinese Crested dog literally looked like a rockstar. It had long hair that was honest to goodness styled like a human being's with volume and everything. It was ridiculous. Then of course, you add in the "boots" it's wearing, and it looks like a rocker wearing moon boots. Amazing!! By the way, I think this is the ugliest kind of dog, out of all the breeds. Sad, but true.


Bill & Lisa Busath said...

What a riot that must have been! Pure entertainment from many different angles. I (very quickly) flipped through about 400 pictures online from this dog show. As much as a love my wiener dogs, it all seems a little over the top!

Julia said...

SOOOOO fun. I would have loved to be there. And I'm with you on that Chinese Crested all the way.