Sunday, March 08, 2009

Asher says...

We take the subway to church. Today when we got on, it was really full, so there was no where to sit. Usually we let Asher out of his stroller because he likes to sit in the seats. When we got on, he was saying rather loudly:

Asher: "I wanna sit down on the chair"

Me and Nate: "Asher, there's no where to sit, sorry bud. You're going to have to wait until there's an empty seat"

Asher: (Looking at the man in front of him), "We have to take turns"

The nice man played along and said something like, "ok we'll take turns... it's you're turn now", and he got up and gave Asher his seat.

I thought it was sweet.

If nothing else, at least he is learning that he can't always have what he wants and that we have to share and take turns!  Love that kid.

Oh, and that picture at the top is just a random one that I thought was cute.  It also shows our living room really well.  Directly to Asher's right (your left) is the kitchen, and to his left (your right) is the TV.  Nate is taking the picture on the couch directly in front of him, which is against the other wall... that's the whole thing!  Sweet huh?!  It's kinda cute though.  Behind the curtains are french doors, and I LOVE the radiator cover in the corner.  I think it adds some character to the place, don't you?  It has a bunch of crap on it right now, but normally it looks really cute.  Oh, and Nate just informed me that he took this picture this morning, because it was the first thing that Asher asked him to do when he woke up.  He said "Daddy, take a picture of me on the potty!"  So he did.


Tara said...

That's so cute that the man played along with Asher's "take turns" plan! I love it!
Also, sorry I didn't come back into Primary today. Read my blog and you'll see why! crazy!

Josh and Michelle said...

Asher looks so old. Thats awesome that he talked to the man and got to sit like he wanted. my kids are always too shy and would havejust kept whinning at me.

your living room looks cute!