Saturday, March 14, 2009

This just in...

Ok, so some of you may have heard some rumors that we were going to be coming home (home being Sacramento, Provo and Spokane) for the summer. Now that we know FOR SURE for sure, I am a little sad to say that this is only partially true. We were going to be coming home for the entire summer, and turned in our intent to vacate form, and then like 3 days later, Nate's professor said as it turns out, they do need him to stay for the summer, and will be able to give him funding. So, they were able to pull our form, so we can keep our apartment. But the good news, is that we will be out west for the end of July and the whole month of August. Hopefully we will be able to make all the rounds during that time. 

I was kind of excited for Asher and Sayer to be able to play in backyards, and go to swim parks and all that fun stuff, but there is lots of fun stuff to do here in the summer, so I think we will still have a good time.  There have been some warm, sunny days here, and it already makes me so excited.  Life here is so much easier when it is warm.  

The other good news, is that we will be here all summer for those of you who want to take a nice summer trip to the big apple! Hint, hint! ;)  Since we will now be in our apartment for awhile, Nate has given me an allowance to beautify our little place, so it feels more homey.  I already have it all planned out, so I will post some awesome pictures when it is all done.  Kay, that's all for now... just wanted to give a little update.  

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Tabitha said...

Shoot, we're probably moving from Utah in the middle of July so we'll totally miss you! :(