Wednesday, June 24, 2009

and, the rest of the time...

So, I already talked about Sunday. After that, I pretty much forgot to take pictures. My family left early early Monday morning. Nate's parents hit up lots of museums, and the kids and I only joined them for the Museum of Natural History, which was very fun. Asher kept saying he wanted to see the dinosaurs, the whale, and the lions, so we made sure he did. We also went to the planetarium, which I think Asher enjoyed, except for the parts that scared him. Whoops. 

Besides that, we had lots of dinners and lunchs out {and in} and had a great time talking and laughing with Nate's parents.  I feel bad that we don't have any pictures of them, and that we didn't see much of the city with them.  Nate always went with them, but I just didn't think that museums would work well with the kids.  But we loved having them here!

Thanks to both the Busaths and the Olsons for coming to play with us. We love and miss you all!!

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Bethanne said...

The past few days sound busy and fun...we love it when family comes to town to visit! Although then you kind of have to have a vacation to recover. :)