Thursday, June 18, 2009

Busath's Day 3...

Friday morning, Nate and I went with my parents to do a session at the Manhattan Temple, while Hailey and Lexi so kindly babysat the kids for us. After the temple, Nate went with my family to the Met, while I stayed home with the boys. We met up with them after naps and headed over to Central Park. We stopped at the pond in the Alice in Wonderland part of Central Park, where they sail model boats, which the boys loved. I think it is such a beautiful area of the park.

After we watched the boats for awhile, we headed over to Boathouse and took boat rides on the lake.
Sayer's first time in a lifejacket... not sure what to think
Me and my boys
Nate, looking thrilled as ever. He was a little annoyed with Asher's exuberance and insistence on rowing the boat. It would have been fine if his rowing actually made the boat move...
Cute Sayer Bayer
Mom, dad, and Lexi, looking awesome in their boat. They wouldn't let us all go in one. :(
The fam, towards the end of the trip. Sayer was done and wanted to take his lifejacket off, and Asher just wanted to keep rowin' that boat.
In all his glory...
Then we headed over to the Bethesda Terrace

Sayer, happy to be eating!
Nate's face says exactly how he felt by the end of this day! :)

Later that night, we of course went out to eat at another delicious restaurant a few blocks from us called Deluxe.  They have wonderful fish and chips and hanger steaks!


Josh and Michelle said...

That looks so fun. It must have been great to have the fam in town and i bet they are loving that they get to come visit you in such an awesome place with so much to see and do and such great food all around. I love the picture of nate and Asher on the boat. so hilarious! Probably because as parents we all have to live through those incredibly obnoxious moments, and his face just expresses it so well.

Josh n Betsie said...

You dont know who I am but nate does. He actually was one of my babysitters when I was little. I just wanted to say how cute kids you have and how much i lOVE the name Asher.