Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturdays in the park

A couple weekends ago we spent the day on the East side. Our stake was having a block party that I had to bring cookies to, so I took a nice 40 minute long walk to the other side of town. They boys had fun, and Asher found 2 big trucks for a total of $2, so that alone made the long trek totally worth it. 

Asher enjoyed a delicious chocolate cupcake
Sayer chil-laxed in his stroller
I checked out the Allison Wonderland area of the park

We had fun at a really nice playground

Then the boys took naps in the stroller, and when they woke up, we were at another playground. Aren't Sayer's curls so adorable?
Mista' Coo'

It was a really fun day spent in Central Park!

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Michal Thompson said...

What a fun day, these nice relaxing ones can be the best!