Sunday, September 13, 2009

Asher's 3rd birthday

We were in UT for about a day and a half before we decided to hit the road to Spokane, WA. The kids did so great on their first 12 hour drive. This is them about 30 minutes or so into the drive.

Asher turned 3 on August 6th, so we had all the fam over to Chris and Heidi's to celebrate. Heidi bought this delicious triple chocolate cake from Costco,
it got a little melted from the heat, hence the lopsided-ness

and we put thomas the train legos on top for the decoration. Asher loved it. I can't even describe the excitement on his face when he saw his cake. Here he is explaining to Ally about his cake and who was on top of it
Here is a video of singing happy birthday. You HAVE to watch it. He totally got that it was HIS birthday and he was so excited. He is pretty much the cutest and sweetest kid ever, and this video is the proof!!

Sayer thought Asher's birthday cake was pretty great too!

After cake, we opened presents. Among other things, he got a scooter and a helmet from Nana and Papa and he was so excited.
He loves scooters and is always taking other kids' at the park and riding them. Unfortunately, this scooter broke on the second day he had it, so we took it back. I think I will wait until he turns 4 to get him another one.

I think he had a very fun birthday, and he now knows that he is 3. I can hardly believe it myself. He is getting to be such a big boy and talks non-stop. He is very curious, loves people, playing with cars, trucks and trains, reading, and is a smart little guy. We love him.
Happy Birthday buddy!


Leesa said...

happy (late) birthday little guy! it was so fun to see you and your little guys morgs while you were here! i cant believe how time FLIES!! i swear i was just coming to see you and asher when you were is the hospital!
love ya girl!!

Melanie and Will said...

cute cute boys!

hey, i have a friend that is coming out to NY this week with her hubby and they are wanting to know what show/shows to see and a good pizza place or eating places that are a must really. any suggestions would be appreciated! you can email me if that is easier! thanks!

melaniesteyskal at cox dot net

James, Cameo, Jacob, Elijah said...

Asher is so adorable - I love how excited he was for his birthday!! I can't believe he's talking and getting so big - crazy how time flies!!

Liz Green said...

Clever idea for cake decorating. Now only if kids got that excited about eating main meals.