Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rockaway Beach

Sometime in July (can't remember when) my neighbor Debbie and I packed the boys in her in-law's van and drove to Rockaway Beach, in Far Rockaway, for the day. It wasn't a bad drive and the beach wasn't bad at all! I was very pleasantly surprised. The surrounding area wasn't very pleasing to look at, but the beach itself was very nice.

The boys had an absolute blast. We were there for 4 hours, and they would have gladly stayed another 4. Sayer was a complete mess of stickiness and sand but didn't seem to mind one bit. Neither of the boys liked the water, which made things easy for me, since I knew they wouldn't wander in and get swept away by a wave. They just played in the sand and had a ball.

Here are some pics:
Don't forget to pat-pat-pat!

Asher and Peter digging

Sayer, Asher, Peter and Debbie making a drippy sand castle. I am pretty sure that is the official name! ;)

Asher, playing with his new friend

Sayer loved playing with the boogie board

Such a cute kid. You would have thought he was pulling a ton of bricks by the effort he was putting into pulling that thing.

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