Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Shafers {finally} visit

The Shafer family finally made it out to the big apple to visit us! Unfortunately, it was an extremely short visit, so we had to cram a whole bunch of fun into no time at all, but it was still a blast! Asher was seriously mad that his cousins had to leave. He had so much fun with them, and they all actually did SO great in the confined space of our apartment.

The first night they were here we went out to Famiglia pizza, then came home to put the kids to bed and ran out the door to catch a show

Day two we hit up the Museum of Natural History, which the boys loved, and would have been happy to stay all day. After wards, we took a nice walk in the drizzle through central park, to FAO Schwartz. The kids played around on the big piano, looked at lots of toys, took a break for story time, played around some more, then we headed back home, put the kids down, and headed out again to make another show.

It was a great time and I can't wait to see them again in 2 days!

Here are some pics...

Ben and Whit in times square

Museum's main entrance with the big dinosaur

Lunch break


Jillian said...

asher's hair is so long!! all these boys are so cute. i get to hug and squeeze them all so soon!!!

Lisa Busath said...

Cutest little boys to be found -- anywhere!