Sunday, November 01, 2009

Home from church

We've all been pretty sick this week, with colds and flus and coughs. You know, the good stuff. Today I decided Asher could go to church with Nate, but Sayer and I were still feeling pretty blah so we stayed home. Sayer was so sad to be left behind, so he climbed into the phil & ted to await being taken outside. He cried when Asher and daddy left, so I brought him his bear and blanket and binky and he was quite happy in there. I left him and heard him talking and laughing at himself in the mirror and after awhile it got really quiet. I went in to check on him and found this.


Lively's said...

That is so sweet! I wish Peyton would do this! Never in a million years! Sorry you aren't feeling too good. It seems to be going around. We all 3 had our fair share a couple weeks ago! Hope you get better soon!

Michal Thompson said...

I love that unexpected surprise/gift.

whitney said...

precious indeed. i can't wait to see that little dude. and the rest of you too, of course. :)