Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our summer in pictures

First of all, can I just say how much I am loving Blogger's new photo up-loader? So awesome that I can finally upload a ton of photos at one time. This changes everything! It means that I might actually blog more! Only time will tell.

Ok, so I decided that I am never going to have the desire to do a post dedicated to everything that we did this summer. So instead, I decided to just document some of the fun things we did with photos. Unfortunately, I was not a very good picture-taker this summer, but here are some random selections...

Children's Museum in SLC.  Construction zone.  Boys loved it!

Boys hanging out in the bird house.  Their clothes are soaked from the water tables.

Playing at Nana and Papa's in Spokane.

Typical morning at Nana and Papa's... bowl of cereal, or crackers maybe, and watching tv.  Nice.

Riding the airplanes at Riverfront park

Riding the train at Riverfront park

Mini-golf... Riverfront park


Fountains, Riverfront Park

Nate, fiddling for our room and board at the Shafers in WA. :)   We stopped on our way to Sac from Spokane.  So fun to catch up!  Thanks for putting us up guys!

Nate and Barty snoozing on the road.  I may or may not have taken this while driving.

Barty's first swim in Sacramento!  Isn't his swim trunk and rash guard combo precious?!

Is that a white swim suit you're wearing Kadin?  Nice goggles!!

Brother time!

They love those goggles

Asher delighting in the baby chicks at the fair

Can you see the pure joy in his expression?!

Barty and his cousin Isaac.  Look at those squishy, chunky thighs!!

This summer, we spent lots of time with family.  We had a family reunion at Aspen Grove with the Olsons.  We went to Pasco, WA; Spokane, WA; Seattle, WA; Silverlake, WA; Sacramento, CA; Sunnyvale, CA; and then Yellowstone.  I think we are done traveling for awhile.  I got a little burnt out this summer.  Not that it wasn't so wonderful to be with family, because it truly was.  It's just so hard on the kids, and I always feel bad for imposing on everyone.  But we were SO happy that we got to see almost everyone this summer!!

We also had a great time in UT.  We got to hang out with all Nate's brother's and their fams, Jillian (until she moved to DC for the rest of the summer) and lots of friends that we haven't seen in a couple of years.  Nate got to play with all his old bands and do some recordings.  We hit up the Highland City Splash Pad many, many times.  Went to Veteran's Pool as well as 7-Peaks.  Enjoyed our favorite UT restaurants.  The boys had a blast riding their scooters and playing outside in the yard.  It truly was a great summer!

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Julia Wade said...

AWESOME summer morgan! i seriously cannot believe how big your boys are getting! unbelievable!