Saturday, October 09, 2010


We went to Yellowstone National Park with my family this last August, and it was such a fun time! The weather was pretty perfect, with only a few (totally amazing I might add) thunder, lightening and rain storms. We stayed in a cabin on Lake Hebgen, which was perfect for the whole fam. By day, we hit the park and saw plenty of geysers and hot springs, and by night, we ate lots of good food, saw my cousin in a play, played games on our computers, talked, read, had some spiritual thoughts, you know, all the good stuff. Here is a photo re-cap of our trip:

Unfortunately, our time in Yellowstone included lots of waiting in the car.  They were doing road construction, and would stop us for 20-30 minutes at a time.  We made the most of it though.    

Mom and Dad.  So cute!

Ash and Jill.  Looking fine as ever.

Ben was amazing.  He carried that over-sized child on his shoulders for much of the trip.  Ollie looks pretty pleased with his circumstances I'd say.


Over looking the plains... or something.  Don't ask what I am doing with my leg there.

Kids reading in a gift shop.  Love it!

Old Faithful.

Dad reading during one of our many stops.

Oh Ben.

Gorgeous!  The view, not me.

Asher and Kadin doing what boys do best.  Getting dirty and climbing.

Yet another Bison.  Thank you Ben.

Sayer and Asher watching something on the i-touch.  I am starting to hate technology.

Ice cream. Mmmmm!
Cute boys sleeping!

Picnic lunch.  First day in the park.  From L to R, Asher, Kadin, Sayer, Joel.

Kadin and Asher playing in the river during lunch.

Ash and Dad

Standing in line for the bathrooms... again.  I could not believe how many times certain people in my family had to go to the bathroom.  It was getting a little ridiculous if you ask me.

Notice, I am not in this picture... I am taking it.  Because I AM NOT IN LINE FOR THE BATHROOM!  Geez.  Love you guys! ;)

Waiting for Old Faithful

After Old Faithful.

Picnic lunch in the parking lot! L to R, Sayer, Asher, Joel, Lexy, Kadin.

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Anne said...

there is nothing more american than a family trip to yellowstone. looks like you guys had fun!

and we need to have you over for dinner soon.