Saturday, October 09, 2010

Soon, I will actually know what I am doing!!

 Picture taken from here

I just signed up for a cake decorating class at ICE!! I have been scheming and hoping to take some of these classes for SUCH a long time, and I am SOOOO excited that I am actually doing it. I am starting with Techniques of Cake Decorating 1.  I am hoping to take the Techniques 2 class sometime next semester, and someday I would love to take the One Week Wedding Cake Workshop

My class starts on December 27th so Nate will be out of school and will be able to watch the kids for me. It is a 4 day intensive course, 6 hours a day!  The classes are taught by Toba Garrett, who is a world-renowned cake artist. I am so excited to actually know how to decorate cakes, instead of just pretending. Honestly, I never know what I am doing. Wish me luck! 

And if anyone wants to join me, your husband might be more easily persuaded when he finds out you will have a free place to stay!! ;) 
 (said in a very tempting sing-songy voice. you know the one)


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Sooooooooo jealous!! You'll have to share with us everything you know :) PS I LOVE your new kitchen. You are so creative. I'm totally drooling over all your counter space. I still quote you all the time "NY kitchens aren't very inspiring.." Miss you!!!

mj said...

oh don't tempt me. i would so love to come visit you again...and take the cake class. ryan's in nyc right now. :)