Saturday, August 06, 2011

Tomorrow: Race Day!

Well folks, tomorrow is the day!  Nautica NYC Triathlon, here I come.  I am ready and excited for my swim portion of the race.  I have my wetsuit, bright pink swim cap, and I got sufficiently pumped up at the race briefing with my team yesterday.  It's gonna be a good day... starting bright and early at 3:30am!  As we were at the race briefing and expo yesterday, I found myself wishing that I could be doing the whole race.  Oh well.  Another year. :)  

I would just like to thank so many of you who have helped me be able to even do this race by donating to MDA in memory of Timothy Fegan.  Let's just say that it is clear from the donors, that Timmy is much more loved than I am, because it was through the generosity of his loving family and friends that we were able to raise and contribute so much money to MDA/SMA division.  It's ok, I've come to terms with this knowledge.  To be honest, it warms my heart to know that Timmy was such a special part of so many people's lives.  I received many emails from his family members, sharing memories, and thanking me for sharing a bit of his life.  I am absolutely honored to be able to swim in his name, and even more than that, I feel lucky to have been able to get to know more about him and share a bit of his life with you.  Thank you to Tricia and Craig for being so willing to be involved.

Think of me tomorrow morning around 6 am EST.  I will be jumping in the Hudson around that time, with my wetsuit and goggles, just praying that I don't get stung by any of the jellyfish that have recently been brought to my attention.  Awesome.  Jellyfish in the river?  I guess so.

Amount needed to participate in the triathlon for charity= $1000
Amount raised= $3605.00!!!

Thank you so much, again, to everyone who contributed!


Hailey said...

You're amazing! You're going to tear that river up! Best of luck! I guess we'll see you at church afterward. ;) (Kidding.)

Sharon said...


Liz Green said...

Can't wait to hear about how the race went. I agree with Haily that you're amazing! What a trooper to swim through the Hudson.

Lesley said...

I hope you don't smell too horrible :) and that you didn't get stung by a jellyfish. Jellyfish? Really?

Can't wait to hear how it went! Amazing!

The Crowley's said...

hope all went well with your race. I just had to tell you that you remind me of Melanie off of SYTYCD. Especially with the new hair!