Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bronx Zoo

We went on a family outing to the Bronx Zoo on Friday since Asher had school off. Aside from it being way colder than I anticipated, it was a great day. Of course, there were a few annoying moments that were to be expected, but the kids had a blast. We went on the monorail, saw the lions, watched the Dora 4-D movie (of course), ate lunch while looking at the flamingos, rode the bug carousel twice, went through the mouse house, saw the birds and penguins (Apparently those exhibits are not people's faves... totally empty. Lucky us!) then took a nice long scenic walk back to the zoo entrance, where Asher talked Nate into letting him ride the camel (which was the only money we spent the entire day!!). On the way back to the subway we stopped at a playground and let the kids run wild, then headed home. Asher and Sayer were both sound asleep by 6pm. Bart of course fell asleep on the subway ride home so he didn't go to bed until much later. 

I loved being with just our little family all day! 

Bart is already channeling the Christmas spirit!!  On the subway ride there.

Waiting in line for the monorail

View from the monorail platform, overlooking the Bronx river

Our little fam on the monorail

Bart and I hung out while dad and the boys watched Dora

Lunch with the flamingos in the background

Cheese?  Bart kept saying cheese during lunch.  Didn't know he knew that word.

1st time around

Bart looked like he was going to fall asleep, but apparently he won the battle and managed to stay awake the entire day.

2nd time around

Dad and Asher on the camel!

Sayer's camel ride!  Of course, Sayer insisted the he did NOT want to ride the camel.  But as soon as he saw Asher and dad doing it, he wanted to do it.  Sayer takes awhile to warm up to new ideas.

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Jackie said...

I WANT TO RIDE A CAMEL. Seriously, so cool. What a great zoo!